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Meet the Researchers – Seyedmorteza Seyedpour

 Another of our ESRs who is in Germany, but he has travelled a  very long way to get there!

seyed photo

I was born in Iran and earned my BSc. in heat and fluid mechanics, and M.Sc. in Biomechanical Engineering from Urmia University and Iran University of Science and Technology respectively. After the M.Sc. graduation, I began to work as a research assistant at Medical Nanotechnology and Tissue Engineering Research Centre at Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences for two and a half years. In addition, as collaboration, I did many researches at Motor and Propulsion Laboratory of Tarbiat Modares University on oxygenate additive on gasoline. Meanwhile, I was involved in a number of projects leading to some publications in biomechanics and oxygenate additive field. In addition to the academic work I was a member of UNESCO Chair for Human Rights, Peace, and Democracy at Shahid Beheshti Univesity in Iran.

Currently I am a PhD candidate, as a part of the REMEDIATE project, at chair of Mechanic, Structural Analysis, Dynamic at TU Dortmund University under supervision of Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tim Ricken. The main goal of my project is to simulate remediation process of contaminated site in frame of Porous media Theory.

I am interested in watching football (I am a fan of Bayern München, Real Madrid, and AC Milan), cooking, and travelling.