Meet the Researchers – Sabrina Cipullo

Remediate Early Stage Researchers are an exciting and varied group! Meet Sabrina Cipullo, the first Secretary of the Remediate Student Council (November ’15 to May ’16):

Sabrina Cipullo200Remediate meeting November 2015 056

I am originally from Italy & Switzerland and studied for a BSc, and MSc degrees in Environmental and green Biotechnology (IT). I am a Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher in Environmental Science at Cranfield University. Within the REMEDIATE project my research is focused on environmental chemistry and toxicological approaches to site assessments. I will contribute to the assessment of risk pertaining to complex chemical mixtures, by enhancing our understanding of their environmental fate, transport, bioavailability, bioaccessibility and toxicity of contaminants.

Cranfield University is my host institution. This is a unique place as UK’s only science and technology-led, postgraduate-only university. Cranfield has around 4,000 students from 106 different countries across the world, so you get a great diversity of cultures and people. Exceptional facilities, equipment and software here at Cranfield, including a fully functional airport – the only university with its own airport! The location of the campus itself is a bit isolated in the countryside, but in addition to the various courses offered here at Cranfield, there are also a lot of societies and extra-curricular activities that students can join.  I am a firm believer this can provide a well-balanced work-play life.

Besides science I enjoy very much cooking, powerlifting, swimming, aerial sports and travelling. On my spare time I am a volunteer Italian teacher and a Journalist – Blogger for  I am very passionate about design, architecture, photography, painting, handmade cosmetics, learning new languages and much more. I have been for 5 years a volunteer in the Italian Red Cross and recently applied for the role of First Aider with St John Ambulance, UK. Most importantly I am passionate about renewable energy and environment.