Looking After Yourself: 12 Top Self-Care Tips

I am originally from Australia. Last year, upon my arrival back in the country, I had to do a mandatory 2-week hotel quarantine as per government guidelines. Let me tell you, being in the same room for two weeks was tough. Personally, the only thing that helped me get through the time and remain healthy was the creation of a daily schedule. Now, everyone’s daily schedule will likely look different, so by no means feel that my personal one is the only option available. I’ve included it below to give a rough guide, but feel free to substitute any activity or timeframe for something you would enjoy.

9 am: 20 min Morning Yoga Routine

9:30 – 12 pm: Breakfast & Chill (usually watch Netflix)

Noon: Lunch

1-4 pm: Study

4 pm: 15-45 min workout depending on day (Madfit on YouTube)

Then free time to do whatever else needs done during the day 🙂

Things That I Have Found Helpful

Waking Up with Intention: Waking up and doing some form of movement helps me set my intention for the day. I would recommend starting your day off with something that leaves you feeling ~ good ~.

Fuel Your Body: I know it can be difficult during this time to be mindful of the nutrient density of our foods – I went through a few weeks of eating comfort food non-stop. However, I started feeling really lethargic. These past few weeks I’ve been conscious of trying to eat fruit and veg and limiting my chocolate intake (my absolute weakness) to one a day (sometimes two lol). This has made a big difference to my energy levels.

Be Kind to Yourself: Somedays the schedule just isn’t going to happen. As long as you try and do what your body and mind can each day be willing to understand your needs can change and adapt accordingly. Some days pushing yourself is great, other days, you just need to rest. Take each day as it comes.

12 Lockdown Activity Ideas

These activities are in no particular order. I hope there is something here to spark your interest. One thing I have found super helpful is doing similar activities to my friends, then checking in to see how we are all doing with our mini goals. 

  1. Fitness: Free YouTube videos 

Madfit is my personal fav, she has a wide variety of workout options. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpQ34afVgk8cRQBjSJ1xuJQ

  1. Reading

    Sometimes, during the busy periods of classes, I forget how much I enjoy reading for pleasure. The blog linked below inspired me to pick up a new book and reconnect with my love of reading. 
  1. Podcasts

    I have found podcasts a great way to digest information. I love that I can play one in the background of another task – it helps make the time feel more productive and keeps my brain engaged without too much effort. Linked below are some notable podcasts grouped by categories of interest. 


  1. Meditation

    Sometimes when things feel overwhelming or just very busy, I like to take a moment to reset. The following link explains different kinds of meditation, maybe there is one that appeals to you.  


  1. Stretching:

    Sometimes, I don’t realise how much tension I’ve gathered from sitting for so long during the day. I have found stretching (while sometimes uncomfortable) a great way to release tension. Here is a short stretching video. 
  1. Reach out to friends

    Lockdown can be isolating on so many fronts. Take time to actively reach out to each other. Whether you organize a facetime call, send each other a wee care package, a handwritten letter or just a snapchat, maintaining connection is extremely beneficial in a time where people can be struggling. A simple “how are you?” can go a long way. 
  1. Pamper yourself

    One benefit I have found of being in lockdown is that I suddenly have a lot more time during my day (this doesn’t always feel like a good thing lol). The time I would normally be spending on a commute can be instead transferred to a time for pampering myself. Sometimes a facemask and some nice music can really brighten the mood. 
  1. Cook a nice meal or order in

    Food is a great way to bring comfort and joy. I recommend hoping on the website yummly (linked below) for recipe ideas. You can list the ingredients available to you and the recipe generator will provide you with options. https://www.yummly.co.uk/
  1. Wine and cheese over zoom

    Missing nights with your friends? Me too! A way to maintain some sense of normalcy is to have zoom gatherings. Creating a theme for the night, such as wine and cheese, can help create a sense of shared experience and help everyone feel more connected.        
  1. Enjoy the outdoors

    Fresh air is one of the best mood boosters around. I find even a short 10 min walk can be rejuvenating. If you can, try and set aside a little bit of time each day to enjoy the outdoors. 
  1. Binge Netflix

    It is absolutely ok to have days where you do nothing, sometimes our brains and bodies just need rest. I binged 6 seasons of How to Get Away with Murder during this lockdown… do I regret it? Absolutely not – all I have to say is if you haven’t watched it already, check it out! 
  1. Spring Clean

    Now, I understand this might not sound like the most exciting idea… but I’ve never regretted spring cleaning after the fact. This time could be a great opportunity to reorganize and clean up your living space. You could come out of lockdown feeling organized and ready to go! 

Kaitlyn McCaw

Community Assistant and Juris Doctor from Australia

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