Why you should join the Postgraduate Book Club & Book Review of ‘Anxious People’

Community Assistant Katie Goldsmith who leads our Postgraduate Book Club tells us about its benefits, and reviews the latest book they have been reading…

Every Tuesday from 5pm – 6:30pm, the Postgraduate Book Club at QUB gets together (virtually for now) to discuss a book that we’ve all spent the past week reading. We’re all PG students from a wide variety of disciplines and even cultural backgrounds, and the virtual environment allows students to take part even if they are not physically in Belfast at the moment.

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Book Review: ‘Why We Sleep’ by Matthew Walker

Do you ever wonder how important sleep is for our mental health? Postgraduate Community Assistant, Daniel Magennis, reviews his favourite book, ‘Why We Sleep’ by Matthew Walker.

Sleep is one of the first things we sacrifice when assignments pile up or deadlines approach. Being reasonable people, however, we bargain with ourselves; once this (and that) is done, we will finally rest and catch up on missed sleep. Unfortunately, our time asleep is not a resource that can be managed in this way. As students we should be especially concerned with the damage caused by a lack of sleep. The damage is both mental and physical, short and long term. 

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