Post-Lockdown Itinerary – Where to go in Ireland

Dreaming of travel? Our Community Assistant, Kaitlyn, has your post-lockdown itinerary covered!

Hi everyone,

If this COVID lockdown has you feeling stuck – you’re not alone. As my desire to travel increases, I’ve started to plan some trip ideas for when the country reopens. Fortunately for us all, we have chosen to study in an absolutely gorgeous place. Ireland is home to so many wonderful towns, outdoor wonders and awesome eateries. When possible, I love to spend my weekends exploring new areas. I know its freezing, but the beaches here offer incredible surfing conditions – purchasing a winter wetsuit was the best decision I made. I recommend trying to find an activity that you love, then planning trips around that theme. Prior to the COVID restrictions, travelling around the country and finding new beach locations made my time here all the more memorable.

Hopefully the ideas listed below can offer you some post lockdown inspiration 🙂

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