FAQs – Digital Insights

Below are some frequently asked questions the Digital Experience Insights Survey.

Q: When will the Digital Insights Survey for students be launched?

A: Timing of surveys are always very important.
We realise that at Queen’s you have a number of surveys to complete throughout the year and it is important to us that we protect students from survey fatigue. We want to find a time to survey students that does not coincide with other survey periods (such as the NSS) but that will maximize response so that we can properly inform the digital environment and find out where digital issues exist. This will help to improve the digital experience at Queen’s. We thank all students in advance for helping us out when the survey is launched.

Q: When will the Digital Insights survey for staff be launched?

We are aware that teaching staff have very busy work schedules. We will try and time the survey so that it will maximize response. This will help us to find out where digital issues exist and will enable us to start to make improvements to the digital environment. We thank all teaching staff in advance for their participation in the survey.

Q: What is the purpose of the Digital Experience Insights survey ?

The Digital Experience Insights survey is a professional survey that is used within the education sector to create dialogue with staff and students about their digital experience. The data that the university will collect will help us to make better decisions about any digital issues that exist. Benchmarking data across the sector will also show whether issues are local to Queen’s or are common to all.

If your question is not included in the FAQs above please email digital.insights@qub.ac.uk.