About this Blog

This blog is being launched to provide regular updates on the introduction of the Digital Discovery Tool and the Digital Experience Insights Survey at Queen’s University. These services are intended to provide staff and students at the institution with an opportunity to consider their use of digital learning technologies, to reflect on their digital environment and to help them to develop their digital capabilities in order to flourish in an increasingly digital world.

Please read our introductory post, Help to Build and Shape our Digital Future at Queen’s, here.

The education sector is currently going through a particularly challenging time, with scrutiny on cost, quality and value; plus competition from online learning displacing traditional bricks and mortar. We…should ensure we aid our organisations in creating an inspiring environment for our students, while also supporting our colleagues in introducing tools that will help them do their work more effectively.

Josh Fry and Peter Tinson, 2019
Foreword, Digital Leadership in HE, Improving student experience and optimising service delivery