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Keeping your Balance within Digital Settings

Technology is at the heart of everyday life. Everything has gone, or is going digital. While its use can enhance our lives it can also provide an unwanted distraction.

In universities, with an ever increasing range of educational tools and technologies at our fingertips, finding and maintaining a balance in rich tech based environments can feel overwhelming for both staff and students.

At Queen’s University, we want to support staff and students to help them thrive in their own roles and digital settings. With digital skills and literacy development acting as a key driver, the aim of this brief blog post is to share the recent development of some new resources. The resources will hopefully get staff and students to start thinking about their digital identity and to support them while they are considering their own digital wellbeing.

Supporting Digital Identity and Wellbeing at Queen’s

Infographic providing a list of tips to enhance your digital day to day routine

LinkedIn Learning (and the Jisc Digital Discovery Tool)

At the university, People and Culture are offering a new online resource for all staff to use. The introduction of LinkedIn Learning (previously is timely as it complements the use of the Jisc Digital Discovery Tool. Staff have the opportunity to audit their digital skills and search for relevant learning resources to enhance their digital practice.

With the topic of digital identity and wellbeing in mind, you can explore a range of courses in LinkedIn Learning that will inform and increase your awareness about the use of social media for educational purposes, safer digital communications, cybersecurity, managing your online presence etc.

If you want to find out more about the resource and the recommended learning collections, including how to sign up, please just follow this link to LinkedIn Learning.

If you have any questions about this post or want to find out more please get in touch,

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