The CSIT Seminar series is a series of invited seminars on cutting-edge research topics in cyber security, hosted at the Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT), in the ECIT Institute, Queen’s University Belfast.

Talk Speaker Talk title
29 July 2019  Dr Chip Hong Chang Physical Unclonable Functions – Past, Present and Future
23 July 2019 Prof Miriam Leeser Preserving Privacy through Processing Encrypted Data
2pm, 14 March Dr Nikos Komninos Information, System and Network Security
11.10am, 26 February Dr Neetesh Saxena Smart Grid Security
10.30am, 26 February Dr Samuel Pagliarini Hardware Security
10.10am, 21 February 2019 Dr Chongyan Gu Physical Unclonable Functions
9.30am, 21 February 2019 Dr Domhnall Carlin Malware detection
2pm, 4 Feb 2019 Dr Adam Narbudowicz Embedding security of wireless communication into physical layer: Directional Modulation
24 Oct 2018 Dr Dimitrios Pezaros Resilience through network programmability – Inter-Domain DDoS Remedy using BPFabric
11am, 19 Sep 2018 Dr Gregory Blanc, Télécom SudParis  Leveraging softwarization and virtualization to secure 5G slices
2.45pm, 21 Aug 2018 CSIT PhD students & Post-Doc researchers CSIT PhD and Post-Doc Seminar
10.30am, 13 Aug 2018 Dr Jinguang Han, University of Surrey Anonymous Single-Sign-On for n Designated Services with Traceability
11am,  27 Jul 2018 Dr Basel Halak,

Uni of Southampton

Hardware-based Security Solutions for the Internet of things
11am, 23 Apr 2018 Dr Sujoy Sinha Roy, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Efficient Implementation of Post-Quantum Cryptography
11am, 10 Apr 2018 Professor Helge Janicke,

De Montfort University

Industrial Control System Security- Managing Risks
11am, 27 Feb 2018 Dr Paolo Palmieri, University College Cork Location privacy in the digital age
11.30am, 19 Jan 2018  Dr Ian Overton,

Queen’s University Belfast

Computational approaches to overcome tumour heterogeneity and to infer context-specific information flow for cancer precision medicine
2.30pm, 28 Sep 2017 Dr Kaitai Liang, University of Surrey  Privacy preserving (outsourced) data share and search
11am, 14 Sep 2017 Professor Gareth Howells,

University of Kent

Exploring practical issues relating to the determination of device identity based on their physical and operating characteristics