Professor Helge Janicke – 10 April 2018

Bio: Professor Helge Janicke is the Technical Director of De Montfort University’s Cyber Technology Institute. He is the Head of School of Computer Science and Informatics. Prof. Janicke was awarded his PhD in Computer Science in 2007 and worked on Cyber Security with organisations such as Airbus, QinetiQ, Ministry of Defence and General Dynamics UK amongst others. His interests are covering formal verification techniques and their application to Cyber Security, SCADA and Industrial Control System Security as well as aspects of Cyber Warfare. He established DMU’s Airbus Group Centre of Excellence in SCADA Cyber Security and Forensics Research in 2013. He is a general chair of the International Symposium on SCADA and Industrial Control Systems Cyber Security Research (ICS-CSR).

Talk abstract: This talk will review some of the challenges surrounding Industrial Control System Cyber Security as these are essential to the understanding of the risks to manufacturing organisations and indeed to the maintenance of many of our critical national infrastructures.  After reviewing some of the threat actors and their capabilities to exploit security vulnerabilities in this niche domain of cyber security research, the talk will look at approaches to managing risks within organisations.  I will then be highlighting some of the ongoing research in the Cyber Technology Institute to address aspects with a focus on the educational challenges, and the preparation for security breaches in this sector. The talk will conclude with an outlook to the rise of related topics such as the Internet of Things, Industrie 4.0 and more generally Cyber Physical Systems