Dr Gregory Blanc – 19 September 2018

Talk Title: Leveraging softwarization and virtualization to secure 5G slices

Talk Abstract:  5G is envisioned as a transformation of the communications architecture towards a multi-tenant, scalable and flexible infrastructure, which heavily relies on virtualised network functions and programmable networks. In particular, orchestration will advance one step further in blending both compute and data resources, usually dedicated to virtualisation technologies, and network resources into so-called slices. Although 5G security is being developed in current working groups, slice security is seldom addressed.  In this talk, we will present an architecture integrating a number of technical proposals that leverage SDN and NFV technologies to support the security lifecycle of a 5G slice.

Speaker Bio: Dr Gregory Blanc is an associate professor in networks and security at Télécom SudParis, an engineering school of IMT, a leading education and research institute in France. He holds a Ph.D from Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan, and a Master Degree in networks and computers security from ESIEA, France. He has been leading the Working Group on Web 2.0 Application Security (SWAN) at the WIDE Project, a Japanese Internet advancing Internet technologies. Recently, he has been interested in the security of virtualised and softwarized networks, data science applications to cybersecurity, and the security of the Internet of Things.