Dr Dimitrios Pezaros – 24 October 2018

  • 24 October 2018 – Dr Dimitrios Pezaros, University of Glasgow

Talk title: Resilience through network programmability – Inter-Domain DDoS Remedy using BPFabric

Talk Abstract: Underpinning the development of resilient communications systems is the ability of the infrastructure to support the flexible deployment of always-on services such as, e.g., network telemetry, monitoring, and anomaly detection. The inherent timeliness and distributed nature of such services imply that they would have to be supported straight in the data plane of future networks which would itself need to be programmable.

In this talk, I will present BPFabric, a platform, protocol, and language-independent architecture to centrally program an otherwise distributed data plane consisting of autonomously programmed network nodes. BPFabric leverages eBPF, a platform and protocol independent instruction set to define the packet processing and forwarding functionality of the data plane. I will subsequently discuss how BPFabric can be leveraged to implement line-rate monitoring and in-network  signalling, and how it can be used to implement Antidose, an inter-domain collaboration scheme to remedy DDoS attacks based on local traffic filtering.

Speaker Bio: Dimitrios Pezaros is Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) and founding director of the Networked Systems Research Laboratory (netlab) at the School of Computing Science, University of Glasgow. He has published widely in the areas of computer communications, network and service management, and resilience of future networked infrastructures, and has received significant funding for his research in the above areas from public funding agencies (incl. EPSRC, EC, US FAA, LMS) and the industry (incl. BT, Huawei, Google, Airbus Group). Dr Pezaros holds BSc and PhD degrees in Computer Science from Lancaster University, he is a Chartered Engineer, and a senior member of the IEEE and the ACM.