phpBB3 Permissions

We have had a few phpBB users struggling when creating new forums that disappear from view for normal users. Usually the forum permissions are the problem. In the Administrator Control Panel (ACP) click the ‘Forums’ tab, then ‘Forum Permissions’ as shown below:

A list of your forums appears, you may want to tick the ‘All forums’ tickbox then click submit:

In the next screen use the ‘Groups’ panel and tick the box for ‘Select all groups’ and ‘Edit permissions’ – this will allow you to view the permissions for all user groups to each forum.

You may notice that some groups do not have any roles assigned. This is the default for security, however if you want anonymous users (Guests) to be able to view the topics in each forum you will need to change the permission from ‘No role assigned…’ to ‘Read Only Access’:

Similarly you should also set Newly Registered Users to ‘Standard Access’ otherwise their first few posts will have to be moderated before appearing in the forum.


Certwatch checks for Apache certificates which are due to expire. By default on Red Hat / Centos there is a cron job in /etc/cron.daily which runs and sends its output to root. To configure it:

vi /etc/sysconfig/httpd

Add a line such as:

CERTWATCH_OPTS=”–period 30 –address my.user@domain.tld”

It is also possible to switch it off with: