Listing mailboxes that have not been logged into for a specific number of days

Open an EMS window. First set a variable with the current date e.g.

$d = get-date

Then subtract the number of days you want to go back e.g. for 60 days

$d = $d.AddDays(-60)

Now we can list all mailboxes where the last logon date is earlier than 60 days ago

Get-MailboxStatistics | where {$_.LastLogonTime -lt $d}

If you want to restrict the search to particular servers or databases use the -Server or -Database switches to the Get-MailboxStatistics command.

Moving log file locations

Move logs for a particular storage group to a different location with the following EMS command –

Move-StorageGroupPath -Identity "Server\Storage Group Name" \
-LogFolderPath "New Log Folder Path" -SystemFolderPath "New Log Folder Path"


Move-StorageGroupPath -Identity "ex2k7-virt-2\V2SG8" \
-LogFolderPath "U:\Exchange\V2SG8" -SystemFolderPath "U:\Exchange\V2SG8"

Note: All databases in the storage group must be offline.

IMAP Logging on CAS servers

Swich on IMAP logging on the CAS servers by editing the configuration file –

C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\ClientAccess\PopImap\Microsoft.Exchange.Imap4.exe.config

Find the line (near the end of the file) –

<add key="ProtocolLog" value="false" />

Change false to true and save the file.

Restart the IMAP service for this to take effect. Switch off logging by reversing the above change and restarting the IMAP service.


Whilst configuring OpenVPN, with Symantec Endpoint installed (we’re on version 11 at the moment), you may encounter a problem whereby the connection does not allow access to the virtual environment. Temporarily disabling Endpoint, and re-enabling subsequent to a successful connection should resolve the issue. This can be confirmed by checking the routing table.

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