Building a distribution group in Exchange 2007 from a .csv

A user needed a distribution list, so that she could send a message to 2000+ users. Doing this in Exchange meant that the message would not be duplicated 2000+ times, but the information on the users was in a .csv file.

Using the following command, I was able to add the users to an empty Distribution Group:

Type C:\jjlist.csv | ForEach-Object -Process {Add-DistributionGroupMember -Identity “nameofyourlist” -Member $_}

This works where all users you wish to add to the group exist in the AD, and where you have first made the Distribution Group in Exchange.


Whilst configuring OpenVPN, with Symantec Endpoint installed (we’re on version 11 at the moment), you may encounter a problem whereby the connection does not allow access to the virtual environment. Temporarily disabling Endpoint, and re-enabling subsequent to a successful connection should resolve the issue. This can be confirmed by checking the routing table.

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