Published articles co-authored by AFBI staff – February 2024

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Kennedy, R., Rosell, R. 

Barry, J., Fitzgerald, C., Callaghan, J. O., Kennedy, R., Rosell, R., Roche, W. 2024. Interannual variation in survival of wild Atlantic salmon smolts through a dynamic estuarine habitat. Fisheries Management and Ecology, Article no. e12685 


Ford, T. 

Livingstone, D., Smyth, B.M., Cassidy, R., Murray, S.T., Lyons, G.A., Foley, A.M., Johnston, C.R. 2024. Reducing the time-dependent climate impact of intensive agriculture with strategically positioned short rotation coppice willow. Heliyon, 10 (2), Article no. e24184 


Cassidy, R., Lyons, G.A., Johnston, C.R. 

Livingstone, D., Smyth, B.M., Cassidy, R., Murray, S.T., Lyons, G.A., Foley, A.M., Johnston, C.R. 2023. Journal of Cleaner Production, 419, Article no. 137936 


Adams, R. 

Adams, R., Quinn, P. 2023. Simulating Phosphorus Load Reductions in a Nested Catchment Using a Flow Pathway-Based Modelling Approach. Hydrology, 10 (9), Article no. 184 


Higgins, S., Keesstra, S.D. 

Higgins, S., Keesstra, S.D., Kadziuliene, Ž., Jordan‐Meille, L., Wall, D., Trinchera, A., Spiegel, H., Sandén, T., Baumgarten, A., Jensen, J.L., Hirte, J., Liebisch, F., Klages, S., Löw, P., Kuka, K., De Boever, M., D’Haene, K., Madenoglu, S., Özcan, H., Vervuurt, W., de Haan, J., van Geel, W., Stenberg, B., Denoroy, P., Mihelič, R., Astover, A., Mano, R., Sempiterno, C., Calouro, F., Valboa, G., Aronsson, H., Krogstad, T., Torma, S., Gabriel, J., Laszlo, P., Borchard, N., Adamczyk, B., Jacobs, A., Jurga, B., Smreczak, B., Huyghebaert, B., Abras, M., Kasparinskis, R., Mason, E., Chenu, C. 2023. Stocktake study of current fertilisation recommendations across Europe and discussion towards a more harmonised approach. European Journal of Soil Science, 74 (5), Article no. e13422 


Balta, I. 

Longodor, A.L., Maris, S., Andronie, L., Balta, I., Pop, I., Sevastre, B., Mastan, O.A., Coroian, A.  2024. Use Of Petroselinum Crispum and Vitamin E To Protect Against Carmoisine Changes in Rats. Scientific Papers. Series D. Animal Science, 66 (2) 


Morton, P.A., Hunter, W.R., Cassidy, R., Doody, D. 

Morton, P.A., Hunter, W.R., Cassidy, R., Doody, D., Atcheson, K., Jordan, P. 2024. Muddying the waters: Impacts of a bogflow on carbon transport and water quality. Catena, 238, Article no. 107868  


Kelly, R., Moore, J.L. 

Dawson, W., Bòdis, J., Bucharova, A., Catford, J.A., Duncan, R.P., Fraser, L., Groenteman, R., Kelly, R., Moore, J.L., Pärtel, M., Roach, D., Villellas, J., Wandrag, E.M., Finn, A., Buckley, Y.M. 2024. Root traits vary as much as leaf traits and have consistent phenotypic plasticity among 14 populations of a globally widespread herb. Functional Ecology 


Baral, K.R. 

Hu, Y., Taghizadeh-Toosi, A., Baral ,K.R., Smith, A.M., Khalaf, N., Sommer, S.G. 2024. Hydrochar from dairy sludge as phosphorus fertiliser affects greenhouse gas emissions and maize yield. Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica Section B -Soil and Plant Science, 74 (1), Article no. 2310276 


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