Published articles co-authored by AFBI staff – November 2023

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Buijs, S., Weller, J.

Buijs, S., Weller, J., Budan, A. 2023.  When the measurement affects the object – Impact of a multi-part head/neck mounted wearable device on dairy cow behaviour, health and productivity.  Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 263, Article no. 105937


Corcionivoschi, N., Butucel, E., McCleery, D.

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Higgins, S.

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Hunter, E.

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Kennedy, R., Barkley, A., Rosell, R.

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Lagan, P., McKenna, R., Baleed, S., Hanna, B., Barley, J., McConnell, S., McMenamy, M. J., Lemon, K.

Lagan, P., McKenna, R., Baleed, S., Hanna, B., Barley, J., McConnell, S., Georgaki, A., Sironen, T., Kauppinen, A., Gadd, T., Lindh, E., Ikonen, N., McMenamy, M.J., Lemon, K. 2023. Highly pathogenic avian influenza A(H5N1) virus infection in foxes with PB2-M535I identified as a novel mammalian adaptation, Northern Ireland, July 2023. Eurosurveillance, 28 (42).


Lavery, A., Gordon, A. W., White, A. , Ferris, C.P.

Lavery, A., Gordon, A.W., White, A., Ferris, C.P. 2023. Performance of dairy cows offered either zero-grazed grass or grass silage prepared from the same sward. Animal, 17 (11), Article no. 101003


Takahashi, T.

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