Published articles co-authored by AFBI staff – November 2022

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Ball, M.E.E., Reid, L.A., Magowan, E. 

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Balta, I., Butucel, E., McCleery, D., Corcionivoschi, N. 

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Buijs, S.

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Butucel, E., McCleery, D., Corcionivoschi, N. 

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Butucel, E., Balta, I., McCleery, D., Corcionivoschi, N.

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Callaway, A.

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Corcionivoschi, N.

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Dalzell, J.J.

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Doody, D.G.

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Fornara, D.

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Gilliland, T.J.

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Gordon, A.W.

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Mac an tSaoir, S. 

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Mac an tSaoir, S.

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McAuley, M., Buijs, S., Muns, R., Gordon, A.

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McMinn, C.

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McRoberts, W.C., Loy, R.

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Morton, P.A.

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 Weller, J.E.

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Yan, T.

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Yan, T.

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