AFBI Library Impact Survey 2022

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The AFBI Library ran a brief impact survey from 14th – 25th March 2022 to help to identify the value of the AFBI Library service to AFBI Staff.   This was the first time an impact survey had been disseminated to AFBI Staff since February 2019, and was the first post-pandemic survey undertaken by the Library.  The four questions were:

  1. What has the Library helped you with recently?
  2. In what way did the Library help?
  3. What was the outcome?
  4. Did our help have a positive impact on your work? Tell us how.

26 responses were received, providing the Library with valuable evidence of the positive impact of our service.  The responses highlighted the importance of AFBI Library’s services and resources in supporting the research-intensive work undertaken by AFBI Staff. The responses to Q1 of the impact survey broadly fell into the categories shown in the chart below.

The responses reflected the importance of the literature searching service to AFBI Staff in helping their work (34%).  Clearly, Library users appreciated being able to request a literature search and subsequently access key results from these searches, in order to further their work. Library Staff use their skills and experience to provide high quality results lists of full relevance to the topic requested.

Provision of resources (34%) is also very important to AFBI staff, with books, journals and databases all available to Library users via the website.  Throughout the pandemic, an increase in electronic resource usage has been identified.  Interlibrary loans continue to be appreciated by users (16%), as any published work that they may require in the course of their research can be obtained.  Due to the systems, support and expertise that the QUB Library provides, the AFBI Library enables users to experience and enjoy a fast, seamless interlibrary loan service.  Obtaining literature not held within AFBI Libraries has a direct effect in enabling AFBI Staff to produce high-quality papers.

Support for AFBI staff with EndNote (8%), as well as with Library training (4%) and bibliometrics (4%) was also acknowledged, reflecting the importance of these services in delivering positive outcomes for AFBI staff.

Around half the responses mentioned the staff of AFBI Library as being helpful (50%); this is consistent with the recent AFBI Customer Satisfaction Survey where similar comments regarding Library staff were received.  It is pleasing for AFBI Library staff to be acknowledged in this way.

Another theme, identified in 60% of responses, mentioned the quick speed with which their enquiry was dealt with.  This is encouraging in that the Library is mindful of, and responsive to, the deadline pressures of some AFBI work.  This is an area where the Library’s Standards of Service are applied to day-to-day work.  The QUB Library has recently revalidated its Customer Service Excellence accreditation, and AFBI staff are a key beneficiary of the ongoing high standards of customer service.

The Library constantly seeks to improve services to AFBI staff, demonstrate value for money, and provide a high standard of customer service.  The survey has confirmed that AFBI Staff appreciate the Library’s efforts in this regard, and that the Library plays a key role in helping staff deliver their work via a range of Library services and resources.

Thank you to all who took the time to respond to the survey.  Although the survey has closed the Library is always grateful for case studies highlighting the impact of our service. If you have any such examples please contact