Published articles co-authored by AFBI staff – May 2021

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Bell, R.L., Turkington, H.L., Cosby, S.L.

Bell, R.L., Turkington, H.L., Cosby, S.L.  2021.  The Bacterial and Viral Agents of BRDC: Immune Evasion and Vaccine Developments.  Vaccines, 9 (4), Article No. 337


Cottney, P., White, E., Black, L. 

Cottney, P., Williams, P.N., White, E., Black, L.  2021.  Investigation of the effect of slurry, combined with inorganic n rate and timing, on the yield of spring barley post cover crop of stubble turnips.  Agronomy, 11 (2), Article No. 232


Cottney, P., Black, L., White, E.

Cottney, P., Black, L., White, E., Williams, P.N.  2020.  The correct cover crop species integrated with slurry can increase biomass, quality and nitrogen cycling to positively affect yields in a subsequent spring barley rotation.  Agronomy, 10 (11), Article No. 1760


Cottney, P., Black, L. 

Cottney, P., Williams, P.N., White, E., Black, L.  2021.  The perception and use of cover crops within the island of Ireland.  Annals of Applied Biology.


Farrow, L.

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Fornara, D.A.

Yue, K., De Frenne, P., Fornara, D.A., Van Meerbeek, K., Li, W., Peng, X., Ni, X., Peng, Y., Wu, F., Yang, Y., Peñuelas, J.  2021.  Global patterns and drivers of rainfall partitioning by trees and shrubs.  Global Change Biology.


Gordon, A., Ford, T., Young, F., Corbett, D., Barry, C.

Courcier, E., Ascenzi, E., Gordon, A., Doyle, L., Buchanan, J., Ford, T., Dunlop, M., Harwood, R., McAllister, K., McGuckian, P., Kirke, R., Ayastuy, F., McCaughey, D., McKeown, J., Quinn, L., Smith, C., Young, F., Corbett, D., Barry, C., Menzies, F.  2021.  The regression of the bovine tuberculin reaction: Results from the Reactor Quality Assurance study in Northern Ireland.  Veterinary Journal, 272, Article No. 105664


Jess, S.

Creissen, H.E., Jones, P.J., Tranter, R.B., Girling, R.D., Jess, S., Burnett, F.J., Gaffney, M., Thorne, F.S., Kildea, S.  2021.  Identifying the drivers and constraints to adoption of IPM among arable farmers in the UK and Ireland.  Pest Management Science.


Katongole, C.B., Yan, T.

Katongole, C.B., Yan, T.  2020.  Effect of varying dietary crude protein level on feed intake, nutrient digestibility, milk production, and nitrogen use efficiency by lactating Holstein-Friesian cows.  Animals, 10 (12), Article No. 2439


Lemon, K., Duffy, C., McMenamy, M., Cosby, S.L.

Johnston, D., Earley, B., McCabe, M.S., Kim, J.W., Taylor, J.F., Lemon, K., Duffy, C., McMenamy, M., Cosby, S.L., Waters, S.M.  2021.  Messenger RNA biomarkers of Bovine Respiratory Syncytial Virus infection in the whole blood of dairy calves.  Scientific Reports, 11 (1), Article No. 9392


Lundy, M.G., Beggs, S.E., de Castro, F., Schuchert, P.

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McCormick, C.M., Burns, G., McBride, S.J., McNair, J., Thompson, S., Corbett, D.M.

Menzies, F.D., McCormick, C.M., O’Hagan, M.J.H., Collins, S.F., McEwan, J., McGeown, C.F., McHugh, G.E., Hart, C.D., Stringer, L.A., Molloy, C., Burns, G., McBride, S.J., Doyle, L.P., Courcier, E.A., McBride, K.R., McNair, J., Thompson, S., Corbett, D.M., Harwood, R.G., Trimble, N.A.  2021.  Test and vaccinate or remove: Methodology and preliminary results from a badger intervention research project.  Veterinary Record, Article No. e248


McMenamy, M., Duffy, C., Cosby, S.L.

Johnston, D., Earley, B., McCabe, M.S., Kim, J., Taylor, J.F., Lemon, K., McMenamy, M., Duffy, C., Cosby, S.L., Waters, S.M.  2021.  Elucidation of the Host Bronchial Lymph Node miRNA Transcriptome Response to Bovine Respiratory Syncytial VirusFrontiers in Genetics, 12, Article No. 633125


McRoberts, W.C.

Neill, H.R., Gill, C.I.R., McDonald, E.J., McRoberts, W.C., Pourshahidi, L.K.  2021.  Vitamin D bio-enrichment of pork may offer a food-based strategy to increase vitamin D intakes in the UK population.  Proceedings of the Nutrition Society, 80 (OCE1) Spec. Iss. S1, Meeting Abstract E43


Moore, H., McKinney, A.

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Olagunju, K.O.

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Olagunju, K.O.


Rufai, A.M., Ogunniyi, A.I., Abioye, O.D., Birindwa, A.B., Olagunju, K.O., Omotayo, A.O.  2021.  Does economic shocks influence household’s healthcare expenditure? Evidence from rural Nigeria.  Heliyon, 7 (5), Article No. e06897


Olave, R.

Lv, J., Yin, X., Dorich, C., Olave, R., Wang, X., Kou, C., Song, X.  2021.  Net field global warming potential and greenhouse gas intensity in typical arid cropping systems of China: A 3-year field measurement from long-term fertilizer experiments.  Soil and Tillage Research, 212, Article No. 105053


O’Loughlin, R., Calvert, J.

Runya, R.M., McGonigle, C., Quinn, R., Howe, J., Collier, J., Fox, C., Dooley, J., O’Loughlin, R., Calvert, J., Scott, L., Abernethy, C., Evans, W.  2021.  Examining the links between multi-frequency multibeam backscatter data and sediment grain size.  Remote Sensing, 13 (8), Article No. 1539


O’Mahony, D.T.

O’Reilly, C., Turner, P., O’Mahony, D.T., Twining, J.P., Tosh, D.G., Smal, C., McAney, K., Powell, C., Power, J., O’Meara, D.B.  2021.  Not out of the woods yet: Genetic insights related to the recovery of the pine marten (Martes martes) in Ireland.  Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 132 (4), pp. 774-788


Rutherford, N.H., Lively, F.O.

Rutherford, N.H., Lively, F.O., Arnott, G.  2021.  A Review of Beef Production Systems for the Sustainable Use of Surplus Male Dairy-Origin Calves Within the UK.  Frontiers in Veterinary Science, 8, Article No. 635497

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