Published articles co-authored by AFBI staff – December 2020

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Aubry, A.

Reyne, M., Helyar, S., Aubry, A., Emmerson, M., Marnell, F., Reid, N. (2020) Combining spawn egg counts, individual photo-ID and genetic fingerprinting to estimate the population size and sex ratio of an endangered amphibian.  Integrative Zoology, Article in Press.


Ball, M.E.E.

O’Sullivan, S.M., Ball, M.E.E., McDonald, E., Hull, G.L.J., Danaher, M., Cashman, K.D.  (2020) Biofortification of Chicken Eggs with Vitamin K-Nutritional and Quality Improvements.  Foods, 9 (11), article no: 1619.


Balta, I., Linton, M., Pinkerton, L., Kelly, C., Ward, P., Corcionivoschi, N. 

Balta, I., Linton, M., Pinkerton, L., Kelly, C., Ward, P., Stef, L., Pet, I., Horablaga, A., Gundogdu, O., Corcionivoschi, N. (2021) The effect of natural antimicrobials on the Campylobacter coli T6SS+/− during in vitro infection assays and on their ability to adhere to chicken skin and carcasses.  International Journal of Food Microbiology, 338, article no: 108998.


Bell, M.

Vanlierde, A., Dehareng, F., Gengler, N., Froidmont, E., McParland, S., Kreuzer, M., Bell, M., Lund, P., Martin, C., Kuhla, B., Soyeurt, H. (2020) Improving robustness and accuracy of predicted daily methane emissions of dairy cows using milk mid-infrared spectra.  Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, Article in Press.


Boyd, A.

Gangnery, A., Bacher, C., Boyd, A., Liu, H., You, J., Strand, Ø. (2020) Web-based public decision support tool for integrated planning and management in aquaculture.  Ocean and Coastal Management, Article no: 105447.


Campbell, E.L., Byrne, A.W., Milne, G.

Campbell, E.L., Byrne, A.W., Menzies, F.D., Milne, G., McBride, K.R., McCormick, C.M., Scantlebury, D.M., Reid, N. (2020) Quantifying intraherd cattle movement metrics: Implications for disease transmission risk.  Preventive Veterinary Medicine, article no:   105203.


Cottney, P., Black, L., White, E.

Cottney, P., Black, L., White, E., Williams, P.N. (2020) The Correct Cover Crop Species Integrated with Slurry Can Increase Biomass, Quality and Nitrogen Cycling to Positively Affect Yields in a Subsequent Spring Barley Rotation.  Agronomy – Basel, 10 (11), article no:   1760.


Glass, C.A.

Glass, C.A., Glass, D.H. (2021) Opinion dynamics of social learning with a conflicting source.  Physica A – Statistical mechanics and its applications, 563, article no: 125480.


Jack, C., Ashfield, A., Adenuga, A.H., Mullan, C. 

Jack, C., Ashfield, A., Adenuga, A.H., Mullan, C.  (2020) Farm Diversification: Drivers, Barriers and Future Growth Potential.  EuroChoices, Article in Press.


Jack, C., Adenuga, A.H., Ashfield, A., Mullan, C. 

Jack, C., Adenuga, A.H., Ashfield, A., Mullan, C. (2020) Understanding the drivers and motivations of farm diversification: Evidence from Northern Ireland using a mixed methods approach.  International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Article in Press.


Kennedy, R.J., Rosell, R. 

Kennedy, R.J., Rosell, R. (2020) Does rod catch reflect the background size structure of the sea trout stock in a small coastal river?  Fisheries Management and Ecology, article no: 12469.


Livingstone, D., Lyons, G., Johnston, C.

Livingstone, D., Smyth, B.M., Foley, A.M., Murray, S.T., Lyons, G., Johnston, C. (2021)  Willow coppice in intensive agricultural applications to reduce strain on the food-energy-water nexus.  Biomass and Bioenergy, 144, article no: 105903.


Madden, R.H., Corcionivoschi, N.

Criste, A., Copolovici, L., Copolovici, D., Kovacs, M., Madden, R.H., Corcionivoschi, N., Gundogdu, O., Berchez, M., Urcan, A.C. (2020) Determination of changes in the microbial and chemical composition of Țaga cheese during maturation.  PloS one, 15 (12), e0242824.


O’Hanlon, R.

de Groot, M., O’Hanlon, R., Bullas-Appleton, E., Csoka, G., Csiszar, A., Faccoli, M., Gervasini, E., Kirichenko, N., Korda, M., Marinsek, A., Robinson, N., Shuttleworth, C., Sweeney, J., Tricarico, E., Verbrugge, L., Williams, D., Zidar, S., Veenvliet, J.K. (2020)  Challenges and solutions in early detection, rapid response and communication about potential invasive alien species in forests.  Management of Biological Invasions, 11 (4), pp. 637-660.


Olave, R.

Pegoretti Leite de Souza, H.J., Muñoz, F., Mendonça, R.T., Saez, K., Olave, R., Segura, C., de Souza, D.P.L., de Paula Protásio, T., Rodríguez-Soalleiro, R. (2021) Influence of lignin distribution, physicochemical characteristics and microstructure on the quality of biofuel pellets made from four different types of biomass.  Renewable Energy, 163, pp. 1802-1816.


Pollock, J.G., Gordon, A.W., Huson, K.M., McConnell, D.A.

Pollock, J.G., Gordon, A.W., Huson, K.M., McConnell, D.A. (2020) The Effect of Frequency of Fresh Pasture Allocation on Pasture Utilisation and the Performance of High Yielding Dairy Cows.  Animals, 10 (11), article no: 2176.


Vero, S.E., Sherry, E., Doody, D.

Vero, S.E., Sherry, E., Doody, D. (2020) Evidence and perception of phosphorus loss risk factors in farmyards.  Environmental Science and Policy, 114, pp. 542-548.


Yan, T.

Fan, Q.S., Wanapat, M., Yan, T., Hou, F.J. (2020) Altitude influences microbial diversity and herbage fermentation in the rumen of yaks.  BMC Microbiology, 20 (1), article no: 370.



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