Published articles co-authored by AFBI staff – November 2020

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Balti, I., Corcionivoschi, N.

Balti, I., Stef, L., Pet, I., Ward, P., Callaway, T., Ricke, S.C., Gundogdu, O., Corcionivoschi, N.  (2020) Antiviral activity of a novel mixture of natural antimicrobials, in vitro, and in a chicken infection model in vivo.  Scientific Reports, 10, article no: 16631.


Barnes, P.

Aráoz, R., Barnes, P., Sechet, V., Delepierre, M., Zinn-Justin, S., Molgo, J., Zakarian, A., Hess, P., Servent, D.  (2020) Cyclic imine toxins survey in coastal european shellfish samples: Bioaccumulation and mode of action of 28-O-palmitoyl ester of pinnatoxin-G. first report of portimine-A bioaccumulation.  Harmful Algae, 98, article no: 101887.


Carmichael, E., Lyons, G.

Carmichael, E., Ghassemieh, E.,Lyons, G.  (2020) Biorefining of lignocellulosic feedstock and waste materials using ionic liquid.  Materials Science and Engineering: B, 262, article no: 114741.


Farmer, L.J.

Gkarane, V., Allen, P., Brunton, N.P., Gravador, R.S., Claffey, N.A., Harrison, S.M., Diskin, M.G., Fahey, A.G., Farmer, L.J., Moloney, A.P., Monahan, F.J. (2020) Volatile and sensory analysis to discriminate meat from lambs fed different concentrate-based diets.  Animal Production Science, 60 (13), pp. 1654-1667.


Fearon, A.M., Stewart, S.

Weir, R.R., Johnston, M., Lowis, C., Fearon, A.M., Stewart, S., Strain, J.J., Pourshahidi, L.K.  (2020) Vitamin D3 content of cows’ milk produced in Northern Ireland and its efficacy as a vehicle for vitamin D fortification: a UK model.  International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition, Article in Press.


Fornara, D.A., Flynn, D.

Fornara, D.A., Flynn, D., Caruso, T. (2020) Effects of nutrient fertilization on root decomposition and carbon accumulation in intensively managed grassland soils.  Ecosphere, 11 (4), article no: e03103.


Glass, C.A.

Glass, C.A., Glass, D.H. (2020) Opinion dynamics of social learning with a conflicting source.  Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 563, article no: 125480.


Lundy, M.

Becker, C., Dick, J.T.A., Mánus Cunningham, E., Lundy, M., Bell, E., Eagling, L., Sigwart, J.D. (2020) Ovary resorption in the Norway lobster (Nephrops norvegicus) and its possible causes with special reference to sperm storage.  Helgoland Marine Research, 74 (1), article no: 12.


Morton, P.A., Cassidy, R., Floyd, S., Doody, D.G., McRoberts, W.C.

Morton, P.A., Cassidy, R., Floyd, S., Doody, D.G., McRoberts, W.C., Jordan, P.  (2020)  Approaches to herbicide (MCPA) pollution mitigation in drinking water source catchments using enhanced space and time monitoring.  Science of the Total Environment, article no: 142827.


Olagunju, K.O.

Ashagidigbi, W.M., Babatunde, B.A., Ogunniyi, A.I., Olagunju, K.O., Omotayo, A.O. (2020)  Estimation and Determinants of Multidimensional Energy Poverty among Households in Nigeria.  Sustainability, 12 (18), article no: 7332.


Olagunju, K.O. 

Omotayo, A.O., Omotoso, A.B., Daud, A.S., Ogunniyi, A.I., Olagunju, K.O. (2020) What Drives Households’ Payment for Waste Disposal and Recycling Behaviours? Empirical Evidence from South Africa’s General Household Survey.  International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17 (19), article no: 7188.


Rutherford, N.H., Gordon, A.W., Lively, F.O. 

Rutherford, N.H., Gordon, A.W., Arnott, G., Lively, F.O. (2020) The Effect of Beef Production System on the Health, Performance, Carcass Characteristics, and Meat Quality of Holstein Bulls.  Animals, 10 (10), article no: 1922.


Yan, T.

Pang, D., Yan, T., Krizsan, S. (2020) Effect of strategy for harvesting regrowth grass silage on performance in dairy cows.  Journal of Dairy Science, 104 (1), Article in Press.






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