Published articles co-authored by AFBI staff – July 2020

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Adams, R.

Adams, R., Quinn, P., Barber, N., Burke, S. (2020) Identifying Flow Pathways for Phosphorus Transport Using Observed Event Forensics and the CRAFT (Catchment Runoff Attenuation Flux Tool).  Water, 12 (4), article no: 1081.

Adenuga, A.H., Davis, J.

Adenuga, A.H., Davis, J., Hutchinson, G., Patton, M., Donnellan, T. (2020) Analysis of the effect of alternative agri-environmental policy instruments on production performance and nitrogen surplus of representative dairy farms.  Agricultural Systems, 184, article no: 102889.

Adenuga, A.H., Jack, C., Olagunju, K.O., Ashfield, A. 

Adenuga, A.H., Jack, C., Olagunju, K.O., Ashfield, A. (2020) Economic viability of adoption of automated oestrus detection technologies on dairy farms: A review.  Animals, 10 (7), article no: 1241.


Bailey, J.

Klages, S., Heidecke, C., Osterburg, B., Bailey, J., Calciu, I. Casey, C., Dalgaard, T., Frick, H., Glavan, M., D’Haene, K., Hofman, G., Leitao, I.A., Surdyk, N., Verloop, K., Velthof, G.  (2020)  Nitrogen Surplus-A Unified Indicator for Water Pollution in Europe?  Water, 12 (4), article no: 1197.


Ball, E., Mulvenna, C.

Oster, M., Reyer, H., Keiler, J., Ball, E., Mulvenna, C., Murani, E., Ponsuksili, S., Wimmers, K.  (2020) Comfrey (Symphytum spp.) as an alternative field crop contributing to closed agricultural cycles in chicken feeding.  Science of the Total Environment, 742, article no: 140490.

Carolan, R.

Jahangir, M.M.R., Fenton, O., Carolan, R., Harrington, R., Johnston, P., Zaman, M., Richards, K.G., Müller, C. (2020) Application of 15N tracing for estimating nitrogen cycle processes in soils of a constructed wetland.  Water Research, 183, article no: 116062.

Cassidy, R., Farrow, L.

Nicholson, F., Laursen, R.K., Cassidy, R., Farrow, L., Tendler, L., Williams, J., Surdyk, N., Velthof, G. (2020) How Can Decision Support Tools Help Reduce Nitrate and Pesticide Pollution from Agriculture? A Literature Review and Practical Insights from the EU FAIRWAY Project.  Water, 12 (3), article no. 768.

Chen X., Finney, G., Gordon, A.W., Ferris, C.P., Magowan, E., Yan, T. 

Chen X., Finney, G., Zheng H., Wang H., Gordon, A.W., Ferris, C.P., Magowan, E., Yan, T.  (2020) Modern Holstein-origin dairy cows within grassland-based systems partition more feed nitrogen into milk and excrete less in manure.  Science Of The Total Environment, 727, article no: 138561.

Collins, P.J.
, McMenamey, M.J.

Fitzgerald, R.M., Collins, P.J., McMenamey, M.J., Leonard, F.C., McGlynn, H., O’Shea, H. (2020)  Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus: phylogenetic analysis of circulating strains in the Republic of Ireland from 2016 to 2017.  Archives of Virology, 165, pp. 257-263.

Craig, A., Gordon, A.W., Stewart, S., Ferris, C.P. 

Craig, A., Gordon, A.W., Stewart, S., Ferris, C.P. (2020) Supplementation strategies for lactating dairy cows offered very high quality grass silages: starch-based or fibre-based concentrates offered with or without straw.  Livestock Science, 234, article no: 103973.

Craig, A.-L., Muns, R., Gordon, A., Magowan, E. 

Craig, A.-L., Muns, R., Gordon, A., Magowan, E. (2020) Extended nursing and/or increased starter diet allowances for low weaning weight pigs.  Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences, 33 (8), pp. 1301-1309.

Farmer, L.

Liu, J., Ellies-Oury, M.-P., Chriki, S., Legrand, I., Pogorzelski, G. Wierzbicki, J., Troy, D., Polkinghorne, R., Hocquette, J.-F. (2020)  Contributions of tenderness, juiciness and flavor liking to overall liking of beef in Europe.  Meat Science, 168, article no: 108190.

Farmer, L.

Liu, J., Chriki, S., Ellies-Oury, M.-P., Legrand, I., Pogorzelski, G., Wierzbicki, J., Farmer, L., Troy, D., Polkinghorne, R., Hocquette, J.-F. (2020) European conformation and fat scores of bovine carcasses are not good indicators of marbling.  Meat Science, 170, article no: 108233.

Farmer, L.J.

Gkarane, V., Allen, P., Brunton, N.P., Gravador, R.S., Claffey, N.A., Harrison, S.M., Diskin, M.G., Fahey, A.G., Farmer, L.J., Moloney, A.P., Monahan, F.J. (2020) Volatile and sensory analysis to discriminate meat from lambs fed different concentrate-based diets.  Animal Production Science, Article in Press.

Feng, S., Davis, J.

Ojo, O.M., Hubbard, C., Wallace, M., Moxey, A., Patton, M., Harvey, D., Shrestha, S., Feng, S., Scott, C., Philippidis, G., Davis, J., Liddon, A.  (2020)  Brexit: potential impacts on the economic welfare of UK farm households.  Regional Studies.

Ferris, C.P., Jiao H., Murray, S., Gordon, A., Laidlaw, S. 

Ferris, C.P., Jiao H., Murray, S., Gordon, A., Laidlaw, S. (2020) Effect of dairy cow genotype and concentrate feed level on cow performance and enteric methane emissions during grazing.  Agricultural And Food Science, 29 (2), pp. 130-138.

Fornara, D. 

Roy, R., Wang, J., Mostofa, M.G., Fornara, D. (2020) Optimal water and fertilizer applications improve growth of Tamarix chinensis in a coal mine degraded area under arid conditions.  Physiologia Plantarum, Article in Press.

Hunter, W.R. 

McClean, P., Hunter, W.R. (2020) 17α-ethynylestradiol (EE2) limits the impact of ibuprofen upon respiration by streambed biofilms in a sub-urban stream.  Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Article in Press.

Jack, C
., Adenuga, A.H., Ashfield, A.

Jack, C., Adenuga, A.H., Ashfield, A., Wallace, M. (2020) Investigating the Drivers of Farmers’ Engagement in a Participatory Extension Programme: The Case of Northern Ireland Business Development Groups.  Sustainability, 12 (11), article no: 4510.

Johnston, C.

Qiao, Y., Zhang, S., Quan, C., Gao, N., Johnston, C., Wu, C. (2020) One-pot synthesis of digestate-derived biochar for carbon dioxide capture.  Fuel, 279, article no: 118525.

Lowe, D.E., Gordon, A.W., Lively, F.O.  

Lowe, D.E., Gordon, A.W., Lively, F.O. (2020)  Effect of overlaying rubber on fully slatted concrete floors on hoof health and lying postures in finishing dairy-origin bulls offered two contrasting diets.  Animal, 14 (5), pp. 1043-1051.

Mac An Tsaoir, S., Cross, G., Johnson, S., Humphries, C., Kearns, J. 

Mac An Tsaoir, S., Cross, G., Johnson, S., Humphries, C., Kearns, J. (2020) Millennium planting density trial of ‘Bramley’s Seedling’ apple on M.9 and M.27 rootstocks from 2000 to 2016.  Acta Horticulturae, 1281, pp. 131-135.

Milne, G., Allen, A., Graham, J., Presho, E., Skuce, R.

Milne, G., Allen, A., Graham, J., Kirke, R., McCormick, C., Presho, E., Skuce, R., Byrne, A.W.  2020.  Mycobacterium bovis population structure in cattle and local badgers: Co-localisation and variation by farm type.  Pathogens, 9 (7), article no: 592.

Muns, R.

Montoro, J.C., Manzanilla, E.G., Solà-Oriol, D., Muns, R., Gasa, J., Clear, O., Díaz, J.A.C. (2020)  Predicting productive performance in grow-finisher pigs using birth and weaning body weight.  Animals, 10 (6), article no: 1017.

Murchie, A.K., Clawson, S., Brown, A., Gordon, A.W., Jess, S. 

Murchie, A.K., Thompson, G.M., Clawson, S., Brown, A., Gordon, A.W., Jess, S. (2020) Field evaluation of deltamethrin and ivermectin applications to cattle on culicoides host-alighting, blood-feeding, and emergence.  Viruses, 11 (8), article no: 731.

Murchie, A.K., Rea, I.

Vaux, A.G.C., Johnston, C., Dallimore, T., McGinley, L., Strode, C., Murchie, A.K., Iyanger, N., Pudney, R., Chow, Y., Brand, M., Rea, I., Medlock, J.M. (2020) Working towards a co-ordinated approach to invasive mosquito detection, response and control in the UK.  International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17 (14), Article No: 5166.

O’Hanlon, R

McGowan, J., O’Hanlon, R., Owens, R.A., Fitzpatrick, D.A. (2020) Comparative Genomic and Proteomic Analyses of Three Widespread Phytophthora Species: Phytophthora chlamydospora, Phytophthora gonapodyides and Phytophthora pseudosyringae.  Microorganisms, 8 (5), article no: 653.

Olagunju, K.O.

Olagunju, K.O., Patton, M., Feng, S.Y. (2020) Estimating the impact of decoupled payments on farm production in Northern Ireland: an instrumental variable fixed effect approach.  Sustainability, 12 (8), article no: 3222.

O’Mahony, D.T.

Gomes, D.J., Wierzbowska, I., Bevanger, K., O’Mahony, D.T., Rola, K. (2020) Diet of the European badgers (Meles meles) in urban and rural areas of Norway.  European Journal of Wildlife Research, 66 (1), article no: 7.

Yan, T.

Wang, C., Hou, F., Wanapat, M., Yan, T., Kim, E.J., Scollan, N.D. (2020) Assessment of cutting time on nutrient values, in vitro fermentation and methane production among three ryegrass cultivars.  Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences, 33 (8), pp. 1242-1251.

Yan, T.

Guinguina, A., Yan, T., Lund, P., Bayat, A.R., Hellwing, A.L.F., Huhtanen, P. (2020) Between-cow variation in the components of feed efficiency.  Journal of Dairy Science, Article in Press.


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