Published articles co-authored by AFBI staff – January 2020

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Bailey, J., Black, L

Hall, R. L., Boisen Staal, L., Macintosh, K. A., McGrath, J. W., Bailey, J., Black, L., Gro Nielsen, U., Reitzel, K. and Williams, P. N. (2020) Phosphorus speciation and fertiliser performance characteristics: A comparison of waste recovered struvites from global sources, Geoderma, 362, article no: 114096.

Gilliland, T.

McClearn, B., Gilliland, T., Guy, C., Dineen, M., Coughlan, F. and McCarthy, B. (2020) The effect of perennial ryegrass ploidy and white clover inclusion on milk production of dairy cows, Animal Production Science, 60 (1), pp. 143-147.

Lavery, A., Magowan, E.

Lavery, A., Lawlor, P. G., Miller, H. M. and Magowan, E. (2019) The effect of dietary oil type and energy intake in lactating sows on the fatty acid profile of colostrum and milk, and piglet growth to weaning, Animals, 9 (12), article no: 1092.

McIlroy, J. P., McGeough, K. L., Laughlin, R. J. and Carolan, R.

McIlroy, J. P., McGeough, K. L., Laughlin, R. J. and Carolan, R. (2019) Abatement of ammonia emissions from dairy cow house concrete floor surfaces through additive application, Biosystems Engineering, 188, pp. 320-330.

Murchie, A., Burns, K., Cunningham, B., Harkin, V.

Georgaki, A., Murchie, A., McKeown, I., Mercer, D., Millington, S., Thurston, W., Burns, K., Cunningham, B., Harkin, V. and Menzies, F. (2019) Bluetongue Disease Control in Northern Ireland During 2017 and 2018, Frontiers in Veterinary Science, 6.

Olagunju, K. O., Adenuga, A. H.

Olagunju, K. O., Ogunniyi, A. I., Awotide, B. A., Adenuga, A. H. and Ashagidigbi, W. M. (2019) Evaluating the distributional impacts of drought-tolerant maize varieties on productivity and welfare outcomes: an instrumental variable quantile treatment effects approach, Climate and Development. (Article in Press).

Pinkerton, L., Linton, M., Kelly, C., Sima, F., Corcionivoschi, N.

Pinkerton, L., Linton, M., Kelly, C., Ward, P., Pircalabioru, G. G., Pet, I., Stef, L., Sima, F., Adamov, T., Gundogdu, O. and Corcionivoschi, N. (2019) Attenuation of vibrio parahaemolyticus virulence factors by a mixture of natural antimicrobials, Microorganisms, 7 (12), article no: 679.

Sima, F., Stratakos, A., Corcionivoschi, N.

Liaw, J., Hong, G., Davies, C., Elmi, A., Sima, F., Stratakos, A., Stef, L., Pet, I., Hachani, A., Corcionivoschi, N., Wren, B. W., Gundogdu, O. and Dorrell, N. (2019) The Campylobacter jejuni Type VI Secretion System Enhances the Oxidative Stress Response and Host Colonization, Frontiers in Microbiology, 10, article no: 2864.

Skuce, R., Breadon, E., Allen, A., Milne, G., McCormick, C., Hughes, C., Rutherford, D., Smith, G., Thompson, S., Graham, J. and Byrne, A.

Skuce, R., Breadon, E., Allen, A., Milne, G., McCormick, C., Hughes, C., Rutherford, D., Smith, G., Thompson, S., Graham, J., Harwood, R. and Byrne, A. (2020) Longitudinal dynamics of herd-level Mycobacterium bovis MLVA type surveillance in cattle in Northern Ireland 2003–2016, Infection, Genetics and Evolution, 79, article no: 104131.

Stewart, B. M.

Kitidis, V., Shutler, J. D., Ashton, I., Warren, M., Brown, I., Findlay, H., Hartman, S. E., Sanders, R., Humphreys, M., Kivimäe, C., Greenwood, N., Hull, T., Pearce, D., McGrath, T., Stewart, B. M., Walsham, P., McGovern, E., Bozec, Y., Gac, J. P., van Heuven, S. M. A. C., Hoppema, M., Schuster, U., Johannessen, T., Omar, A., Lauvset, S. K., Skjelvan, I., Olsen, A., Steinhoff, T., Körtzinger, A., Becker, M., Lefevre, N., Diverrès, D., Gkritzalis, T., Cattrijsse, A., Petersen, W., Voynova, Y. G., Chapron, B., Grouazel, A., Land, P. E., Sharples, J. and Nightingale, P. D. (2019) Winter weather controls net influx of atmospheric CO2 on the north-west European shelf, Scientific Reports,9 (1), article no: 20153.


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