Meet your Niche SU Clubs & Societies

We absolutely love having a wide range of Clubs & Societies here at QSU to represent everybody- this includes our more niche Clubs & Societies.

We’ve picked out just some of our favs- read on and see if any of these are the perfect one for you…

Taylor Swift Society

Are you ready for it? Also known as the QUSwifties the members love everything Taylor Swift, from Taylor music nights to study sessions and crafts. If you love Taylor Swift you know where to go!

Rubber Duck Appreciation Society

Rubber. Ducks. That’s it, that’s the society.

This is one of our newest societies, The Rubber Duck Appreciation Society is fairly self-explanatory but if you love rubber ducks, this is the place for you. We can’t wait to see what they get up to.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The Alternative Dispute Resolution Society is all about getting to “Yes”, or closer to it, by way of negotiation and mediation. At the ADR Society they show you how to move your interests closer to an agreement. If this sounds like you get in contact with them here.

Eurovision Society

Ah Eurovision, a space where Jedward THRIVED.

For all you Eurovision fans, from the classics to the wacky entries, Eurovision society is the perfect place for you to enjoy the season and past moments with other fans. Learn more and get in contact here.

Australian Rules Football

Are you already an Australian Rules Football fan? We’ll say no more then, join the game here.

Hellenic Society

Love all things Greece? Join a community of Greek food, language and culture lovers (Mamma Mia is included!)

Quiz Society

Are you a trivia whizz? Or do you just enjoy a pub quiz? Well Quiz Society is the one for you. Join like-minded Quiz lovers. Show off all your inane general knowledge and lateral thinking skills in their variety of quiz nights, tournaments and special events. And they also go on TV quiz shows! Join here.

Traditional Crafts Society

This society aims to create an awareness of the vast array of natural and renewable raw materials that surround us, and the traditional techniques to produce something new to be treasured. They do a range of crafts from across the world, including pottery, basketry, taxidermy, and chain-mail making. Find out more here.

Tango Society

For all you dancers there are plenty of different dancing opportunities but the Tango Society is our most niche and newest dance group. Join here.

There are over 220 Clubs and Societies to get involved in, so there’s definitely something for everyone. Check them out and get in contact with them here. But if you have a Club or Society idea get in contact with us here and set up your own!

PS Clubs and Socs members- we want to profile your achievement and events!! Find out more here

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