Blackbullion: The Money-Smart Digital Tool for Students

1. What is Blackbullion?

Blackbullion is an online money-smart education tool that is specifically tailored for students and provides money skills for life. 

2. Why should I use this service?

One of the biggest worries you may face during your studies at University are your finances, such as your cost of living, spending, and sources of income.

Blackbullion has loads of videos, graphics and quizzes (some less than 3 minutes!) covering financial subjects designed to empower you to make more informed financial decisions.

Modules available include:

  • Starting University
  • Savings
  • Budgeting
  • 21-Day Money Bootcamp
  • International Students
  • Debt and Risk Management

Blackbullion also run competitions throughout the academic year such as Money Confessions- where a Queen’s student won a £50 prize!

3. How to I sign up to use Blackbullion?

As a member of Queen’s Students’ Union, Blackbullion is completely free for you to use!

Set up your account using your Queen’s email and select ‘Queen’s Students’ Union’ as your institution to access their wide range of online courses and tools.

You can also follow Blackbullion on Instagram and Twitter for helpful hints and tricks to become money smart.

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