3 Reasons Why you Should Run to be a Student Officer

Our Student Officers are the leaders of Queen’s Students’ Union. They are responsible for representing Queen’s University students. They make sure that your voice is heard by senior members of staff at the Union and the University, and work to empower all students.

Nominations are now open until Thurs Feb 1, 5pm for:

Our Student Officer position are paid roles of £22,500 over 12 months. This is a full-time role during which you will be exempted from your studies.

Below are just some of the reasons you should consider running…

1. Access Free Training, Learn New Skills & Make New Connections

Student Officers lead the Students’ Union. Therefore it’s important that you feel you have the skills and tools necessary to take on the role. As a Student Officer, you will have access to free training in areas like:

  • public speaking
  • people management
  • event organisation
  • negotiation skills

You’ll also meet loads of people and gain lots of experience in chairing meetings, leading campaigns, managing budgets, communication and team work. This expertise is for life and looks great on any CV!

2. Be the Voice for Queen’s Students

A huge part of a Student Officer’s job is to listen to the views of students at Queen’s and represent them to make real changes that have a real impact on their lives.

You’ll have influence and access to the people who can implement the changes you believe in and want to make happen.

3. Do Something Different Everyday

One of the best things about becoming a Student Officer is that no day looks the same!

One minute you could be running your own campaign, the next lobbying MPs, then it’s off to speak at a public forum, presenting an award or accompanying a student to talk to the University about a problem with their course.

It’s a unique role in which you’ll gain so many diverse skills in so little time.

Nominations are open until Thurs Feb 1, 5pm. Put Yourself Forward Here

We also have voluntary, part time roles:

  • Undergraduate Faculty Representatives
  • Undergraduate School Representatives
  • Student Association Chairpersons

Find out more about these roles here

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