Top 5 Reasons to Stand to be a Student Rep

We’ve Student Councillor; Faculty, School and Course Rep roles available now!

Here’s 5 top reasons why you should stand to be a Student Rep by 5pm, Thursday 28 Sept.

1. You’ll Meet Loads of New People

In your role, you’ll get the opportunity to meet lots of new people and represent their views.

This’ll not only be students in your School or Faculty, but the other Student Reps across Queen’s. Plus you’ll meet lots of staff members across the University and within Students’ Union too.

2. You’ll Be the Voice of and Make Change for Students!

You’ll have the privilege of listening to the views of students and representing them to the University and Students’ Union.

You’ll then work with the other Student Reps to help improve the lives of your peers! You can also avail of opportunities to work with students in the national Students’ Unions to make change at a national level too.

The different roles take different amount of volunteering time, so there’s really something to suit everyone!

3. You’ll Gain Lots of Leadership Experience

By becoming a Student Rep you’ll get practical experience of being a student leader in a large University, advocating for students, working with others, making real decisions and influencing others.

Depending on what role you go for you can even gain experience in communicating with and influencing senior decision-makers too!

4. You’ll Gain New Skills & Stand Out to Employers

Before you take up your position, you’ll get the chance to take lots of training which will help you in your role and during your year, you’ll gain valuable experience which will develop and improve your communication, team working and negotiation skills to name a few!

By sitting on various committees and attending meetings, you’ll also gain invaluable insight into how Queen’s University and the Students’ Union works, and help shape the future of these organisations.

All this knowledge, expertise and skills are for life and is really sought after by employers.

5. You’ll be Eligible for the QUB Future Ready Award

All of our Student Rep roles are eligible for the QUB Future Ready Award which is an employability award that allows you to gain formal recognition and a certificate for the extracurricular experience you gain during your time at Queen’s at Graduation.

This means that you will automatically get the award on successful completion of your role, which is great for your CV! It signals to employers that you’ve worked hard to develop the skills you need to succeed in the workplace.

Make sure to stand to be a Student Rep by 5pm, Thursday 28 Sept!

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