Issue Seven

Assessing the efficacy of the statutory homelessness system in England and Wales: do the conspicuous barriers to aid curtail its usefulness in tackling homelessness? 



Hotak v London Borough of Southwark [2015] UKSC 30 

Kruja v Enfield LBC [2004] EWCA Civ 1775 

R v Camden ex parte Pereira (1999) 31 HLR 317 

R v Wycombe DC, ex parte Homes (1990) 22 HLR 150, QBD. 

Shala v Birmingham CC [2008] HLR 8 


Domestic Abuse Act 2021 

Equality Act 2010 

Homelessness Act 2002 

Homelessness Reduction Act 2018 

Housing (Homeless Persons) Act 1977 

Housing (Wales) Act 2014 

Housing Act 1996 

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Command Papers  

Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, Evaluation of the Implementation of the Homelessness Reduction Act: Final Report (2020) 

Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, Homelessness Code of Guidance for Local Authorities (MHCLG, 2018) 

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