The Student Law Journal of the Queen’s University of Belfast


Welcome to the eighth edition of the Student Law Journal here at Queen’s, and the first from the editorial board of 2023/24. Reviving the Journal from 2022, we are looking to put together a journal that showcases the brilliant and talented undergraduate researchers and writers emerging from the Queen’s University Belfast School of Law. 

The aim of this law journal is to cover a diverse range of legal topics as well as spread insightful knowledge within the legal community.

We are hoping to take the great foundation that has been established by our peers and continue building upon it, to cement the status of the Student Law Journal within the academic sphere, and to ensure its legacy lives on. We are excited to get underway.

Let’s get writing!                                       

  Brittney Tessier (Editor 2021/2022)

  Sikander Islam (Co-Editor 2021/2022)