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MS 4/29 Captain Magan and Creamonea

Bunting Manuscript 29

Many people have heard of Edward Bunting and his unique manuscript collection held in Special Collections at Queen’s University. What

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Remembering Bunting Festival 2020

Dún Uladh have organised another excellent weekend of FREE events for the Remembering Bunting Festival 2020. Once again we are

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The Memoirs of Arthur O’Neill (MS 4/46, or ‘The First Rough Draft’)

We are delighted to present the newest addition to Digital Special Collections & Archives: The Memoirs of Arthur O’Neill (MS

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Remembering Bunting Festival, 8-10th February 2019

We were delighted to be asked by Dún Uladh to participate in the Remembering Bunting Festival this year. A weekend of

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