Newly digitised: Cara-Friend Annual Reports 1971-2005

We are delighted to make Cara-Friend annual reports, 1971-2005 available on QUB Digital Special Collections & Archives.

Cara-Friend was established in 1974 as “a voluntary counselling, befriending and information organisation for lesbian, gay and bisexual persons, or anyone for whom same-sex orientation is of concern, including parents of gay and lesbian children”. (Cara Friend No. 31, 2004-2005)

The organisation continues its work in 2023. The Cara-Friend website summarises current activities, including provision of:

  • LGBTQI+ Inclusive Business Charter
  • LGBTQI+ Youth Services
  • Trans Specific Youth Services
  • Advocacy, Campaigning, Policy and Volunteering
  • Family Support Project
  • LGBTQI+ Awareness Training
  • LGBTQI+ Inclusive Schools’ Charter & Education Services
  • LGBTQI+ Switchboard / Helpline
  • LGBTQI+ Community Development Services & Events
  • LGBTQI+ Mental Health & Mindfulness Project

The newly digitised collection includes 31 annual reports for years 1971-2005. Reports include information on services provided by the organisation (e.g. Belfast Men’s Line, Lesbian Line and Derry Telephone Line), and statistics on how the services were used.