New Materials on Irish Victims of Stalinist Terror donated to Special Collections

We are delighted to announce that Dr Barry McLoughlin (University of Vienna) has generously donated further materials relating to our Comintern Papers (MS 57).
The focus of this second tranche of material is on Irish victims of Stalinist terror in the USSR, particularly, Patrick Breslin, Brian Gould Verschoyle and Sean McAteer. The collection will be called the McLoughlin Collection (MS 60).
Propoganda poster of Joseph Stalin
Propaganda portrait of “Marshal Stalin” by Tim Date
Image courtesy of The National Archives UK @ Flickr Commons
The materials, sourced by Dr McLoughlin during the course of his research for his monograph Left to the Wolves: Irish Victims of Stalinist Terror , include private family papers previously unknown to researchers.
Image of front cover of Barry McLoughlin's book, "Left to the Wolves"
Irish Academic Press, 2007
The materials comprise approximately four archive boxes of mixed media materials. A finding aid for the McLoughlin Collection can be found on our webpages.
Archive Box with folders and documents
One of the boxes of new material for  MS60