Cuban Handmade Books by Ediciones Vigía

On display this summer at QUB Special Collections is a selection of hand-crafted books, all made between 1994-1996 by Cuban artisans from Ediciones Vigía in Matanzas.

Ediciones Vigía was an artisanal press, founded by Rolando Estévez, that published exquisite books crafted from everyday supplies during some of Cuba’s most dire economic periods.

The books on display demonstrate an interaction between word and image through use of recycled materials and provide the reader with a multisensory experience by means of popup illustrations, moveable parts, and scrolls. The topics explored include history, the sea, the political situation in Cuba, and love.

This display can be viewed in the exhibition area on the first floor of the McClay Library.

All the items on display and further examples of Cuban handmade books are available to consult at QUB Special Collections by appointment.

Further reading:

Handmade in Cuba: Rolando Estevez and the beautiful books of Ediciones Vigía / edited by Ruth Behar, Juanamariá Cordones-Cook, Kristin Schwain. Gainesville: University Press of Florida, [2020]