Author: Keira Dobbin

McClay exhibition explores Second Reformation in pre-Famine Ireland

Guest post by Dr Ciarán McCabe (School of HAPP, Queen’s University Belfast). A new exhibition focusing on one of the

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Early Presbyterian Libraries and the Gamble Library

Many thanks to Joy Conkey, Librarian of the Gamble Library in Union Theological College, Belfast, for this guest blog. The

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A short case study of unaccompanied Jewish child refugees to Northern Ireland during the Second World War

Many thanks to Dr Pamela Linden Aveyard for her guest blog post in recognition of World Holocaust Day 2023, which

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Paul Nietsche

MS 75 Paul Nietsche Collection

The Collection The Nietsche Collection (MS 75) is a small but varied collection of mostly personal items belonging to Ukrainian artist

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“…don’t forget the photos, it’s very important…”

The National Socialist Persecution of Central German Sinti and Roma, a travelling exhibition is coming to the McClay Library on 20th April

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Family photograph, Brazier, Holmström, Tours

After the Siege

Andrew Hillier uncovers the story behind a family photograph taken in Scotland, one year after the lifting of the Siege

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Jewish Heritage in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is an increasingly multicultural society today, but as a country so strongly associated with Christian denominational conflict, the

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