Hart Project People

Dr Emma Reisz
Dr Aglaia De Angeli

Students on the project:

He XiaowanChina Scholarships Council doctoral scholar
Lu GuanhuaPh.D. student
Aine PolandNINE DTP 1+3 doctoral scholar & research assistant

Former students on the project:

Sinead BurnsExhibitions placement student
Katie LeeperNLHF placement student: ‘In Search Of Robert Hart’
Dr Yorgos (Georgios) MoraitisPh.D.: ‘Sino-foreign jurisdictional disputes: Robert Hart, the Maritime Customs and international law in China, 1863-1908’ (Marie Skłodowska-Curie SPARK)
RHPWP2: ‘Extraterritorial law as a colonial structure:
Sir Robert Hart and his independence from British legal authorities in China (1870-1873)’
Jordana MaguireResearch assistant (GIS)
Teng AnqiPhotographic collection placement student
Dr Tsai Chih-huiPh.D. ‘Robert Hart’s Relationship with the late Qing bureaucracy’
Dr Zhang YiranPh.D.: ‘The role of the Maritime Customs Service in Chinese domestic taxation and the shaping of modern China, 1858 to 1931’ (China Scholarships Council)