Postdoc @ Queen’s University Belfast 

Thursday June 30 – 17.15 BST

The Thermodynamics of Quantum Coherence and Quantum Thermal Machines 

The impact of quantum resources, mainly quantum coherence, on the operation of thermodynamic tasks is considered one of the leading subjects of research in quantum thermodynamics. In our work, we study the effects of quantum coherent baths on the functioning of a quantum thermal machine by using a collision model framework in the continuous time limit. We find that consuming coherences from the baths allows the machine to function with efficiencies beyond the Carnot bound and allows it to perform useful tasks simultaneously including refrigeration and  generation of work, providing a new genre of device dubbed hybrid refrigerator
K. Hammam, H. Leitch, Y. Hassouni, G. De Chiara, Exploiting coherence for quantum thermodynamic advantage, (2022), arXiv:2202.07515