Credit: Tim Gouw

Getting Access: Assistive Technologies

Following on from last week’s post on Queen’s University Disability Services, we want to share more information to assist staff and students with disability needs. This week we asked Tony Furnell to write this post about some of the Assistive Technologies available within Queen’s. Assistive Technologies There are many assistive Read more…

Credit: Daniel Schludi

Better writing with Grammarly

Over the last three weeks, we have looked at online safety with the Tech Review. Following on from this, we will start to look at different writing Apps/technologies to improve spelling, grammar and writing. We asked Tony McGovern to check out Grammarly. This is what Tony had to say. What Read more…

Happy May Day!

The DigiKnow blog is taking a break for the May bank holiday. Bertha here says thanks for dropping by! Do join us next week for our next blog post. See you next week and have a nice break!

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Online Safety: Passwords

We are following on from last weeks online safety post on web addresses and we thought it would be a good idea to discuss password safety and give you some tips. Here’s what Tony McGovern had to tell us! Passwords Passwords, now needed for everything under the sun. You want Read more…

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Tick Tock TikTok

Following on from last weeks’ Tech Review on deep and shallow fake videos, this week we asked Tony McGovern to look at Tik Tok and why this is so successful. What is TikTok?  TikTok, it sounds like the last 5 minutes of work stretching on indefinitely preventing you from getting out and enjoying your night. Read more…