Published articles co-authored by AFBI staff – January 2023

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Baral, K.R., McIlroy, J., Lyons, G., Johnston, C.

Baral, K.R., McIlroy, J., Lyons, G., Johnston, C.  2023.  The effect of biochar and acid activated biochar on ammonia emissions during manure storage.  Environmental Pollution, 317, Article No. 120815


Hanna, R.E.B., Patel, J.G., Smyth, V.J.

Esmonde, N.P.G., Hanna, R.E.B., Patel, J.G., Smyth, V.J., Caplat, P., Smyth, W., Jaggers, P., Padget, O., Guilford, T., Perrins, C., Reid, N.  2022.  Case report of Puffinosis in a Manx Shearwater (Puffinus puffinus) suggesting environmental aetiology.  Animals, 12 (24), Article No. 3457


Hunter, W.R. 

Gill, S.P., Kregting, L., Banat, I.M., Arnscheidt, J., Hunter, W.R.  2022.  Rhamnolipids mediate the effects of a gastropod grazer in regards to carbon-nitrogen stoichiometry of intertidal microbial biofilms.  Applied Sciences, 12 (24), Article No. 12729

Johnston, C.

Baker, P., Charlton, A., Johnston, C., Leahy, J.J., Lindegaard, K., Pisano, I., Prendergast, J., Preskett, D., Skinner, C.  2022.  A review of Willow (Salix spp.) as an integrated biorefinery feedstock.  Industrial Crops and Products, 189, Article No. 115823


Kennedy, R., Rosell, R., Hunter, E.

Kennedy, R., Rosell, R., Hunter, E., del Villar-Guerra, D.  2022.   Programmed acoustic tags reveal novel information on late-phase marine life in Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar.  Journal of Fish Biology, Ahead of Print


Little, M.W., Ferris, C.

Cheng, Z., McLaughlin, D.L., Little, M.W., Ferris, C., Salavati, M., Ingvartsen, K.L., Crowe, M.A., Wathes, D.C., The GplusE Consortium.  2023.  Proportion of concentrate in the diet of early lactation dairy cows has contrasting effects on circulating leukocyte global transcriptomic profiles, health and fertility according to parity.  International journal of molecular sciences, 24 (1), Article No. 39


McElarney, Y.

Jennings, E., de Eyto, E., Dillane, M., Mellander, P.-E., Regan, F., Wilkes, R., O’Neill, M., Briciu-Burghina, C., Antunes, P., Jordan, P., Arnscheidt, J., Linnane, S., McCarthy, V., McElarney, Y., O hUallachain, D., Rolston, A., Wynne, C.  2022.  Using high frequency in-situ monitoring to gain new insights into irish aquatic systems.  Biology and Environment, 122B (3), pp 201-221


Moore, H.

Falconer, L., Cutajar, K., Krupandan, A., Capuzzo, E., Corner, R.A., Ellis, T., Jeffrey, K., Mikkelsen, E., Moore, H., O’Beirn, F.X., O’Donohoe, P., Ruane, N.M., Shilland, R., Tett, P., Telfer, T.C.  2023.  Planning and licensing for marine aquaculture.  Reviews in Aquaculture, Ahead of Print


Morton, P.A.

Molleman, B., Alessi, E., Krol, D., Morton, P.A., Daly, K.  2022.  Application of metal oxide semiconductor for detection of ammonia emissions from agricultural sources.  Sensing and Bio-Sensing Research, 38, Article No. 100541


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