Published articles co-authored by AFBI staff – August 2022

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Allen, A., Milne, G., McCormick, C., Skuce, R., Byrne, A.W. 

Allen, A., Milne, G., McCormick, C., Collins, S., O’Hagan, M., Skuce, R., Trimble, N., Harwood, R., Menzies, F., Byrne, A.W.  2022.  European badger (Meles meles) responses to low-intensity, selective culling: Using mark-recapture and relatedness data to assess social perturbation.  Ecological Solutions and Evidence, 3 (3), Article No. e12165


Anderson, R.

Cieplok, A., Anderson, R., Gawlak, M., Kaluski, T., Spyra, A.  2022.  Morphological diversification of alien and native aquatic snails of the genus Physa and Aplexa (Gastropoda: Physidae) of Western and Central European range.  Zootaxa, 5168 (2), pp. 101-118


Balta, I., Butucel, E., McCleery, D., Corcionivoschi, N. 

Balta, I., Butucel, E., Stef, L., Pet, I., Gradisteanu-Pircalabioru, G., Chifiriuc, C., Gundogdu, O., McCleery, D., Corcionivoschi, N.  2022.  Anti-campylobacter probiotics: latest mechanistic insights.  Foodborne Pathogens and Disease, Ahead of Print


Burgess, D., Finney, G.

Deely, J., Hynes, S., Barquin, J., Burgess, D., Alvarez-Martinez, J.M., Silio, A., Finney, G.  2022.  Are consumers willing to pay for beef that has been produced without the use of uncontrolled burning methods? A contingent valuation study in North-West Spain.  Economic Analysis and Policy, 75, pp. 577-590


Chen, X., Yan, T. 

Chen, X., Zheng, H., Wang, H., Yan, T.  2022.  Can machine learning algorithms perform better than multiple linear regression in predicting nitrogen excretion from lactating dairy cows.  Scientific Reports, 12 (1), Article No. 12478


Corcionivoschi, N.

Pircalabioru, G.G., Liaw, J., Gundogdu, O., Corcionivoschi, N., Ilie, I., Oprea, L., Musat, M., Chifiriuc, M.C.  2022.  Effects of the lipid profile, Type 2 diabetes and medication on the metabolic syndrome-associated gut microbiome.  International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 23 (14), Article No. 7509


Corcionivoschi, N.

Chifiriuc, M.C., Filip, R., Constantin, M., Pircalabioru, G.G., Bleotu, C., Burlibasa, L., Ionica, E., Corcionivoschi, N., Mihaescu, G.  2022.  Common themes in antimicrobial and anticancer drug resistance.  Frontiers In Microbiology, 13, Article No. 960693


Craig, A.-L., Gordon, A.W., Hamill, G., Ferris, C.P. 

Craig, A.-L., Gordon, A.W., Hamill, G., Ferris, C.P.  2022.  Milk composition and production efficiency within feed-to-yield systems on commercial dairy farms in Northern Ireland.  Animals, 12 (14), Article No. 1771


Doody, D.G.

Rowbottom, J., Graversgaard, M., Wright, I., Dudman, K., Klages, S., Heidecke, C., Surdyk, N., Gourcy, L., Leitao, I.A., Ferreira, A.D., Wuijts, S., Boekhold, S., Doody, D.G., Glavan, M.,  Cvejić, R., Velthof, G.  2022.  Water governance diversity across Europe: Does legacy generate sticking points in implementing multi-level governance?  Journal of Environmental Management, 319, Article No. 115598


Johnston, C.R.

Mehta, N., Anderson, A., Johnston, C.R., Rooney, D.W.  2022.  Evaluating the opportunity for utilising anaerobic digestion and pyrolysis of livestock manure and grass silage to decarbonise gas infrastructure: A Northern Ireland case study.  Renewable Energy, 196, pp. 343-357


Kennedy, R.J., Rosell, R., Allen, M.

Kennedy, R.J., Barry, J., Roche, W., Rosell, R., Allen, M.  2022.  In-river behaviour and freshwater return rates of sea trout, Salmo trutta L., from two coastal river populations.  Journal of Fish Biology, Ahead of Print


McElarney, Y., Thompson, J., Allen, M.

Rippey, B., McElarney, Y., Thompson, J., Allen, M., Gallagher, M., Douglas, R.  2022.  Recovery targets and timescales for Lough Neagh and other lakes.  Water Research, 222, Article No. 118858


McRoberts, W.C., Loy, R.

Neill, H.R., Gill, C.I.R., McDonald, E.J., McRoberts, W.C., Loy, R., Pourshahidi, L.K.  2022.  Impact of cooking on vitamin D3 and 25(OH)D3 content of pork products.  Food Chemistry, 397, Article No. 133839


Morrison, S.

Lawther, K., Santos, F.G., Oyama, L.B., Rubino, F., Morrison, S., Creevey, C.J., McGrath, J.W., Huws, S.A.  2022.  Resistome analysis of global livestock and soil microbiomes.  Frontiers in Microbiology, 13, Article No. 897905