Published articles co-authored by AFBI staff – January 2022

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Baral, K.R.

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Barley, J.P., Hanna, R.E.B.

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Brown, J.A.

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Gilliland, T.J.

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Johnston, C.R., Walsh, L.R., McCracken, A.R. 

Johnston, C.R., Walsh, L.R., McCracken, A.R.  2022.  Effect of two vs. three year 2intervals on yields of Short Rotation Coppice (SRC) willow.  Biomass And Bioenergy, 156


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McRoberts, W.C.

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Tiley, A.M.M., Murchie, A.K.

Soldi, E., Fuller, E., Tiley, A.M.M., Murchie, A.K., Hodkinson, T.R.  2022.  First report of the ash sawfly, tomostethus nigritus, established on fraxinus excelsior in the Republic of Ireland.  Insects, 13 (1), Article No. 6