Keep up-to-date with Web of Science alerts

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Not only is Web of Science a leading database for finding scientific literature, it also enables you to save your search or set up an email alert for any new papers matching your search criteria.  This saves having to re-run the same search periodically as Web of Science will do this for you, and email you the results.

In order to use the ‘save search/create alert’ feature, you firstly need to register for an account with Web of Science.  To do this, go to Web of Science and click on ‘Register’.  Once you have created your account, click on ‘Sign In’ and enter your details:

The next step is to run your search.  Once you have done this and your results are displayed, click on ‘create alert’ to the left of your results:

Next, give your alert a name – and deselect the ‘Send me email alerts’ box if you do not wish to receive emails.  Then click ‘Create Alert’:

All done!  Your alert will be confirmed – to view and configure your saved searches and alerts, click on “Manage alerts” or the “Saved Searches” button on the top bar. Here you can change whether or not you would like to receive emails for new papers matching the search, the frequency of emails, or you can simply re-run the search:

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