Published articles co-authored by AFBI staff – September 2021

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Aubry, A.

Reyne, M., Aubry, A., Emmerson, M., Marnell, F., Reid, N.  2021.  Conservation efforts fail to halt the decline of the regionally endangered Natterjack toad (Epidalea calamita) in Ireland.  Biological Conservation, 261, Article No. 109228

Ball, E., Mulvenna, C.

Oster, M., Reyer, H., Keiler, J., Ball, E., Mulvenna, C., Ponsuksili, S., Wimmers, K.  2021.  Comfrey (Symphytum spp.) as a feed supplement in pig nutrition contributes to regional resource cycles.  Science of the Total Environment, 796, Article No. 148988

Boyd, A.

Gangnery, A., Bacher, C., Boyd, A., Liu, H., You, J., Strand, O.  2021.  Web-based public decision support tool for integrated planning and management in aquaculture.  Ocean & Coastal Management, 203, Article No. 105447

Cabezas-Garcia, E.H.
, Lowe, D., Lively, F.

Cabezas-Garcia, E.H., Lowe, D., Lively, F.  2021.  Energy requirements of beef cattle: current energy systems and factors influencing energy requirements for maintenance.  Animals, 11 (6), Article No. 1642

Campbell, E.

Strain, S., Verner, S., Campbell, E., Hodnik, J.J., Santman-Berends, I.M.G.A.  2021.  The Northern Ireland Control Programmes for Infectious Cattle Diseases Not Regulated by the EU.  Frontiers in Veterinary Science, 8, Article No. 694197

Chen, X.

Oh, J., Harper, M.T., Melgar, A., Raisanen, D., Chen, X., Nedelkov, K., Fetter, M., Ott, T., Wall, E.H., Hristov, A.N.  2021.   Dietary supplementation with rumen-protected capsicum during the transition period improves the metabolic status of dairy cows.  Journal of Dairy Science, Article in Press

Chen, X.

Räisänen, S.E., Lage, C.F.A., Oh, J., Melgar, A., Nedlekov, K., Chen, X., Miura, M., Hristov, A.N.  2021.  HristovHistidine dose-response effects on lactational performance and plasma amino acid concentrations in lactating dairy cows: 1. Metabolizable protein-adequate diet.  Journal of Dairy Science, 104 (9), pp 9902-9916

Duffy, C., Cosby, S.L.

Bakre, A.A., Duffy, C., Abdullah, H., Cosby, S.L., Tripp, R.A.  2021.  Small Non-coding RNA Expression Following Respiratory Syncytial Virus or Measles Virus Infection of Neuronal Cells.  Frontiers in Microbiology, 12, Article No. 671852

Duffy, C., Cosby, S.L.

Lopez Corrales, J., Cwiklinski, K., De Marco Verissimo, C., Dorey, A., Lalor, R., Jewhurst, H., McEvoy, A., Diskin, M., Duffy, C., Cosby, S.L., Keane, O.M., Dalton, J.P.  2021.  Diagnosis of sheep fasciolosis caused by Fasciola hepatica using cathepsin L enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA).  Veterinary Parasitology, 298, Article No. 109517


Fornara, D.

Zhou, Q., Guo, M., Wu, S., Fornara, D., Sarkar, B., Sun, L., Wang, H.  2021.  Electrochemical sensor based on corncob biochar layer supported chitosan-MIPs for determination of dibutyl phthalate (DBP).  Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 897, Article No. 115549


Fringuelli, E., Savage, P.

Hjortaas, M.J., Fringuelli, E., Monjane, A.L., Mikalsen, A.B., Jonassen, C.M., Savage, P., Sindre, H.  2021.  Emergence of Salmonid Alphavirus Genotype 2 in Norway – molecular characterization of viral strains circulating in Norway and Scotland.  Viruses, 13 (8), Article No. 1556


Holland, J.

Holland, J., Brown, J.L., MacKenzie, K., Neilson, R., Piras, S., McKenzie, B.M.  2021.  Over winter cover crops provide yield benefits for spring barley and maintain soil health in northern Europe.  European Journal of Agronomy, 130, Article No. 126363


Hunter, W.R., Williamson, A., Sarneel, J.M.

Hunter, W.R., Williamson, A., Sarneel, J.M.  2021.  Using the tea bag index to determine how two human pharmaceuticals affect litter decomposition by aquatic microorganisms.  Ecotoxicology, 30 (6), pp 1272-1278


Johnston, D.J., Stewart, S., Ferris, C.P. 

Johnston, D.J., Theodoridou, K., Stewart, S., Ferris, C.P.  2021.  The effect of post-harvest treatment of field beans on dairy cow performance and nutrient utilisation.  Livestock Science, 252, Article No. 104677


Kelly, R.

Gaughran, A., Mullen, E., MacWhite, T., Maher, P., Kelly, D.J., Kelly, R., Good, M., Marples, N.M.  2021.  Badger territoriality maintained despite disturbance of major road construction.  PLoS ONE, 16 (9), Article No. e0242586


Olagunju, K.O.

Olagunju, K.O., Feng, S., Patton, M.  2021.  Dynamic relationships among phosphate rock, fertilisers and agricultural commodity markets: Evidence from a vector error correction model and Directed Acyclic Graphs.  Resources Policy, 74, Article No. 102301