New e-books March to April 2021

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Due to the current restrictions in place due to COVID-19, the Library has added a range of new electronic books (e-books) to the Library collection.  As we recognise that AFBI staff may not be working on-site currently, our new e-book purchases will ensure that AFBI Library users can access our most-recently added books from home, on-site, or wherever an internet connection is available.

E-books that have recently been purchased by the Library are included in the list below.  You can access them by clicking on the title, choosing the ‘AFBI Online Resource’ link, then entering your AFBI Library username and password.  You will then be taken to the publisher platform in which the e-book is hosted.

For print books, there continues to be a temporary arrangement in place for borrowing print books, due to COVID-19.  If you wish to borrow any print books, please click here for further information, or contact us at

Don’t forget you can suggest books for purchase, please contact the library at with the details.


Animal farming: the story behind the livestock industry / Whittemore, C., 2018

Book of Abstracts of the 69th Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science / EAAP Scientific Committee, 2018

Parasites of cattle and sheep: a practical guide to their biology and control / Forber, A.B., 2021

Pests and vector-borne diseases in the livestock industry / Garros, C. et al, 2018

Poultry and pig nutrition: challenges of the 21st century / Hendriks, W.H., Verstegen, M.W.A. and Babinszky, L., 2019

Precision agriculture ’19: papers presented at the 12th European Conference on Precision Agriculture / Stafford, J.V., 2019

Sampling and monitoring in crop protection: the theoretical basis for developing practical decision guides / Binns, M.R. et al, 2000

Selenium in poultry nutrition and health / Surai, P.F., 2018

The slaughter of farmed animals: practical ways of enhancing animal welfare / Grandin, T. and Cockram, M., 2020

The suckling and weaned piglet / Farmer, C., 2020

Agriculture and Food Economics

Diversity and change in food wellbeing: cases from Southeast Asia and Nepal / Niehof, A., Gartaula, H.N. and Quetulio-Navarra, M., 2018

The economics of farm animal welfare: theory, evidence and policy / Ahmadi, B.V. et al, 2020

The pursuit of sustainable agriculture in EU free trade agreements / Ferraris, L., 2020

Rural development: knowledge & expertise in governance / Van Assche, K. and Hornidge, A-K., 2017

Sustainable governance and management of food systems: ethical perspectives: EurSafe 2019 / Vinnari, E. and Vinnari, M., 2019


Climate change impacts and sustainability: ecosystems of Tanzania / Yanda, P.Z. et al, 2020

Green metamorphoses: agriculture, food, ecology: Proceedsings of the LV conference of SIDEA studies / Torquati B. and Marchini, A.,  2020

Fisheries and Aquatic Ecosystems

Climate change and infectious fish diseases / Woo, P.T.K. et al, 2020

Climate change and non-infectious fish disorders / Woo, P.T.K. and Iwama, G.K., 2020

Fish atlas of the Celtic Sea, North Sea, and Baltic Sea: based on international research-vessel surveys / Heessen, H.J.L., Daan, N. and Ellis, J.R., 2015

Food Science

Chemical hazards in foods of animal origin / Smulders, F.J.M., Rietjens, I.M.C.M. and Rose, M.D., 2019

Grassland and Plant Sciences

Butterfly biology systems: connections and interactions in life history and behaviour / Dennis, R.L.H., 2020

Ecological and economic entomology: a global synthesis / Freeman, B.E., 2021

Handbook of phytosanitary risk management: theory and practice / Yoe, C. et al, 2021

Invasive birds: global trends and impacts / Downs, C.T. and Hart, L.A., 2020

Laboratory techniques in plant bacteriology / Borkar, S.G., 2018

Optical manipulation of arthropod pests and beneficials / Ben-Yakir, D., 2020

The physiology of vegetable crops / Wien, H.C. and Stutzel, H., 2nd ed., 2020

Plant breeding: principles and prospects / Hayward, M.D. et al, 1993

Plant invasions: the role of biotic interactions / Traveset, A. and Richardson, D.M., 2020

Quantitative and ecological aspects of plant breeding / Hill, J. et al, 1998

Quantitative genetics, genomics and plant breeding / Kang, M.S., 2nd ed., 2020


R for dummies / de Vries, A. and Meys, J., 2nd ed., 2015

Statistical methods for plant variety evaluation / Kempton, R.A. and Fox, P.N., 1997

Veterinary Science

Asking animals: an introduction to animal behaviour testing / Nielsen, B.L. and Friggens, E.L., 2020

Biosecurity in animal production and veterinary medicine: from principles to practice / Dewulf, J. and Van Immerseel, F., 2018

Duncan and Prasse’s veterinary laboratory medicine: clinical pathology / Latimer, K.S., 5th ed., 2011

Fenner’s veterinary virology / MacLachlan, N.J. et al, 5th ed., 2017

Fish disease: diagnosis and treatment / Noga, E.J., 2nd ed., 2010

Fish pathology / Roberts, R.J., 4th ed., 2012

Genomic management of animal genetic diversity / Oldenbroek, K., 2017

Goat medicine / Smith, M.C. and Sherman, D.M. 2nd ed., 2009

Infectious diseases of wild birds / Thomas, N.J. et al, 2007

Paratuberculosis: organism, disease, control / Behr, M.A. et al, 2nd ed., 2020

Small animal veterinary psychiatry / Denenberg, S., 2021

Veterinary ethics in practice / Yeates, J., 2021

Veterinary microbiology and microbial disease / Quinn, P.J. et al, 2nd ed., 2011

Veterinary parasitology / Taylor, M.A. et al, 4th ed., 2016

Veterinary parasitology: reference manual / Foreyt, W.J., 5th ed., 2001