Sustainable Development in Trade Agreements (11 October 2017, Queen’s University Belfast, 2 pm)

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This seminar focused on the interaction between trade liberalisation and sustainable development in the framework of EU trade agreements, discussing the impact of the ECJ’s ruling on the Free Trade Agreement with Singapoor  (presentations by I-Ju Chen,University of Birmingham, Prof. Marc Bungenberg and Angshuman Hazarika, both Saarland University, Germany, and Dr Billy Melo-Araujo, Queen’s University Belfast) as well as options to promote the energy Union strategy (Dr. Ilaria Espa, World Trade Institute), experiences with the Energy Charter Treaty (Ces Verburg, University of Groningen, Netherlands) and the EU China Investment Agreement (Dr Federico Lupo Pasini, Queen’s University Belfast). Full programme here. The summary report here.

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