After the referendum – what next for the EU and the UK?

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In the immediate aftermath of the UK referendum on continued EU membership, Queen’s University Belfast’s Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence “Tensions at the Fringes of the European Union” (TREUP), in association with QPol policy engagement, offered view-points by a panel of academic experts and a debate on the future consequences and opportunities following the referendum.

The panel was composed of academics collaborating in TREUP, its Principal Investigator (Professor Dagmar Schiek), two of its collaborators (Dr Mary Dobbs and Dr Brian Jack) and all Co-Investigators (Professores Yvonne Galligan, John Morison and David Phinnemore and Dr Lee McGowan and Dr Billy Melo Araujo). The debate was chaired by Julia Paul, Lecturer in broadcasting in the School of English at Queen’s University and former BBC journalist, and attracted huge interest from various audiences including: academics; students; members of civil society; politicians; journalists and bloggers.

A report on the event can be accessed here: After the Referendum – what next for EU & UK – 29 06 16

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