Faculty @ Hebrew University 

Monday June 27 – 11.30 BST

Controlling the uncontrollable: Quantum control of open system dynamics 

Control of an open quantum system is essential in contemporary science and technology. We demonstrate such control employing a thermodynamically consistent framework. We specifically address the fact that the control drive modifies the interaction with environment. The effect is incorporated within the dynamical equation, leading to control dependent dissipation. Thermodynamics is reflected by a unidirectional flow of energy to the environment. The dynamical equations of motion serves as the key element for open system control. The control paradigm is displayed by analyzing 
entropy changing state to state transformations, heating and cooling N-levels systems. A crucial task is generating quantum gates under dissipative conditions. We demonstrate both non-unitary reset maps with complete memory loss and a universal set of single and double qubit unitary gates. 

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