Hello everyone!

Maybe because I come from one of these places on the planet where there is sun 365 days a year, to the point that umbrellas have double function and we are always tanned even if it is December! or maybe because sometimes you don’t know how to appreciate what you have until you see it disappear … but the truth is that in recent months, surrounded by an unusual number of visitors from all over the world that we have in ProtoQSAR, I’m starting to understand or rather beginning to appreciate living in a city like Valencia.

In recent months many things have piled up as I am sure it has also happened on the agenda of the rest of the ESRs. A positive side perhaps is that the sea is a few Tram stops away, the sun always accompanies me wherever I go, and the food! Amazing food can be found in Valencia!

As I said at the beginning, my home country Cuba, never lacks sun and light, so that has never been a huge attraction for me, but last August I decided to escape from the Valencian sun and had my secondment in Liège. I really loved it; the people were great and I enjoyed the city a lot!

However, once back in the city of light in the Mediterranean, I felt for the first time the wave of vitamin D that I needed to undertake this third year of my PhD that anticipates many setbacks and added stress!

Surely, visitors and new members of other projects that accompany us in ProtoQSAR will agree with my opinion in this regard from Sweden, Iran, India, Uganda, and two ESR members of PROTECTED Melissa from Belfast in September and now in October Gustavo from Liège.

Here I leave you with some images that I made a few weeks ago when I returned from Belgium.

I look forward to seeing you very soon in Chile!

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