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During the last week of May I had the opportunity to attend and present a poster at the SETAC 29th European annual meeting in Helsinki. During this conference I also had the opportunity to attend a workshop in Statistical methods in Ecotoxicology using R. R is a very exciting language to analyse data, and somewhat scary for me so it was very informative being around expert statisticians that were very good in explaining how to use packages to analyse toxicological data.

During the conference, I met many scientists from different fields of toxicology, and was exposed to a variety of very interesting research projects. Networking during conferences is a great excuse to present your research, show what you are capable of, and why not, find career opportunities for the future.

While in Finland, I also got to experience Finnish people celebrating because they won the world cup in ice hockey against Canada. Apparently, for Finnish this was the equivalent of winning the World cup in football and everyone went out to the streets celebrating their victory!

Another sight that I was glad to visit was the new library in the Finnish capital the Oodi library. This library was open to the public in 2018 and it offers a variety of services, like sewing stations, t-shirt printing, 3D printing, video game rooms and on the 3rd floor a very nice area where you can sit comfortably and read your books or study. During my last day in Helsinki I visited the Suomenlinna fortress a world heritage site and a unique monument of military architecture. Thankfully the weather was on our site and we spend hours exploring the fortress and surroundings.

Looking forward to seeing the rest of the PROTECTED team in Chile for our final and true Summer school!!


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