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In the beginning of May I’ve had the opportunity to attend the 11th ICTC (International Conference on Toxic Cyanobacteria) in Krakow (Poland). This conference is every third year and all the biggest names of the field participate to it (I felt like meeting movie stars I only saw on papers).
For the first time I have attended an event in which everything rotated around my green “babies”. I learnt a lot and I had the opportunity to present a poster.

Some of my doubts founded an answer, but I came home with many other ones! That’s science! Cyanobacteria are everywhere and their deep “soul” is still mostly unknown. Several species, colours, peptides content…their variety reminds me human beings, and like human beings they can become very powerful (and dangerous) when they act together! Looking forward the next ICTC that will be in Toledo (US) in 2022.

I also had the opportunity to discover how beautiful Krakow is. A tour of the old town was organized for all participants. Definitively a place to be back to. Also a visit of the amazing Wieliczka Salt Mine, one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Poland, was planned. It is some kilometres away from Krakow and it consists in a real treasure of tunnels, rooms and an astonishing cathedral, all underground and all made by salt! This half day trip ended with a traditional dinner-show, that demonstrated us how much friendly and warm Polish people can be.

My CV and my soul say THANKS.



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